General Information

Training Days provides a platform that equips academic faculty, professional faculty and classified employees with practical resources and information that can be applied to the employee's workplace and beyond. Topic areas:

  • Supervisor/manager training
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Technical systems and processes
  • University policies and procedures
  • Health and wellness
  • Safety
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Soft skills

Below are FAQs to help you determine if the conference is for you. 

Presentation Format

How long are the presentations?

Day one encompasses 50-minute sessions. Day 2 encompasses 80 to 110-minute sessions. 

On the days of, how much time do I have to set up my presentation?

A window of time of 10 minutes is built in for the next presenter to set up and get settled. 

Am I able to have an information booth in lieu of a classroom presentation?

Training Days is not conducive to booth presentations. In the past, booths were not visited since attendees had to hurry to their workshops, many of which are back-to-back. Other events such as University Days is a better format for booth presentations.


How are the rooms set?

Classrooms are set in chairs with the exception of one that is set with tables and chairs. Auditoriums are set as stadium seating. If you wish to arrange a room differently, you are welcome to do so as long as you put chairs and tables back when complete.

All rooms include a presenter's table towards the front and a table at the back of the room.

What is the capacity of the rooms?

Room capacities range from 16 to 200 participants. Rooms are assigned when registration is near completion. You will be notified of your room prior to the conference.

Is it possible for me to see the room before the conference begins?

You may view rooms from The Lasells Stewart website. Rooms are assigned when registration nears completion. You will be notified of your room prior to the conference.


What equipment is provided?

All rooms are equipped with a computer, projector and screen. Auditoriums also include a lapel and podium microphone.

Can I assume that the computer stations include the software and web access we need?


May I ask for participants to bring their own laptop?

Yes you may. If this is the case, we will place you in the one room that is set with tables and chairs.

What is the best way to load my presentation?

We recommend that you bring a flash drive.

Can I pre-load my presentation?

Yes. You have opportunities before 8:30 a.m. and from noon-1:00 p.m. each day to preload your presentation. You will also have 10 minutes in between sessions to prepare for your presentation. If you wish to bring a laptop, you will need to coordinate with The LaSells Stewart Center IT assistance to assure they have compatible cables and ports.

Is live streaming available?

To share your presentation remotely, you'll need to arrange for the set-up yourself. This may require coordination with The LaSells Stewart Center event staff. IT assistance is available during the conference.

Tracking of Attendees and Registration

Do you track employees who have actually attended?

We do not track attendance. If you would like to know who attended your workshop, please bring a sign-in sheet that you can pass around during your presentation. Passing the sign-in sheet around the room mid-presentation works well to avoid lag time at the door.

How will I know who and how many have registered?

Registration is managed by OSU Conference Management Services. The system allows presenters to see who and how many people have registered. OSU Conference Management Services will provide instructions.

Post Session

Is it possible to send my PowerPoint presentation or other materials to those who attended?

As the conference is informal, we don't always know who actually attended. There is typically a no-show rate of 30% or more for any training that is done on campus.  If you wish attendees to receive materials after the workshop, please consider getting their contact information when they sign in.

Will you send participant evaluations to obtain feedback?

Enrollees are sent a survey asking for overall conference feedback. Since questions are not presentation specific, you may wish to collect feedback for your presentation on your own.


Contact Leigh Larkin for more information.