General Information

Training Days provides a platform for the purpose of reaching out to employees. Since one person manages the conference and fills all roles, we rely on our presenters to work together as a community and be okay with a simple, casual setting. Each year, employees are waiting for the conference to come along in November and registration can fill up in a matter of days. Past presenters recognize the value of the conference; asking when they can submit up to several months before the conference. This is why we are starting early.

Below are some FAQs asked by presenters and potential presenters. Answers may help you determine if the conference is for you. 

Thank you for your interest! -- Leigh Larkin


Topics and Audience

What sort of topics are relevant?

Anything of interest to employees on campus. What are your customers asking for on a regular basis? Are your customers and colleagues aware of your services and resources? Do you have an innovation or other information that will benefit the OSU community? How about a technical training on systems, social media or other? These are just a few relevant ideas.

Who attends?

Any employee encompassing academic faculty, professional faculty and classified staff. Your presentation may be relevant to a particular classification, depending on the topic. Last year, over 680 people registered for a total of 2,400 seats filled made up of a mix of employee types.

Presentation Format, Rooms and Equipment

How long are the presentations?

Presentations are 50-minutes in length. Given the amount of time available, you may find it a good idea to focus on a particular area that will provide the most impact.

What is the room set up?

Rooms are set in chairs with one room being set in tables. Computers, projectors and microphones are available if needed. Computers are loaded with MS Office and the internet. If a presenter wishes to arrange a room differently for activities and such, this is permitted as long as the presenter puts the chairs back in place when complete.

Can I record or stream live my presentation?

If you wish to record or share your presentation with off-site employees, you will need to set this up yourself. If needed, IT staff are available to assist during the conference.

Is it possible to pre-load my presentation?

Yes. You may arrive at 8:00 or during lunch from noon-1:00 pm to preload your presentation. Keep in mind that room locations can change at the last minute. If this happens, you will need to find your new room and reload your presentation. If you wish to bring your own laptop, you may need to coordinate with The LaSells Stewart Center IT staff to assure they have the correct cables.

May I have an information booth in lieu of a classroom presentation?

Unfortunately, the conference is not conducive to booth set-up. In the past, booth set-ups left those manning them disappointed since attendees were mostly concerned about getting to the next session and didn't notice the booths. Other events may work better for you such as University Days.

When do I set up?

Sessions end 10-minutes before the hour, allowing time for the next presenter to set up and be ready to begin at the top of the hour. Presenters will simply step in, introduce themselves and begin.


Do you track employees who actually attend?

If you wish to know who attended your program, please bring your own sign-in sheet. To save time, it works well to pass the sheet around after employees arrive.

How will I know who and how many have registered?

Registration is managed by OSU Conference Management Services. The system they use allows presenters to see who and how many people have registered. Instructions will be provided.

Post Session

Is there a way to send my PowerPoints or other materials to those that attended?

As the conference is informal, we don't always know who actually attended. There is typially a no-show rate of 30% or more for any training that is done on campus.  If you wish attendees to have materials, please bring copies or you might get their contact information when they sign in.


Contact Leigh Larkin for more information.