Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 1000: Equipment Inventory Record Keeping
Effective: 07/01/1971
Revised: 04/13/2016


OSU will keep and maintain property control records for all active, missing, and retired capital equipment on the FIS Fixed Asset Module.  Other property records are retained by Fixed Assets Property Management and Departments for the periods listed below:

Record Type Fixed Assets Property Management Departments
Biennial Equipment Inventory Lists 4 years 2 years
Lost/Stolen Property Reports 4 years after loss 2 years after loss
Equipment Transfer Forms 4 years 2 years
Equipment Loan Agreements 6 years after term   3 years after term
Equipment Maintenance Records   1 year after disposal    
Federal Property Records 6 years  3 years    
Property Disposition Requests 4 years  2 years


Additional Information

The OSU Records Retention Requirements is available online in the FIS 1200 Records Retention Requirements.