Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 300: Equipment Management
Effective: 03/01/1979
Revised: 03/07/2016


Equipment on the OSU inventory is intended for institutional use and not for private purposes.  Use may be additionally restricted by the terms of the research contract or grant for which the equipment was acquired, if applicable (see PRO 900: Sponsored Research and Federal Property).  Equipment should only be used by properly trained personnel and only for the manufacturer's intended purposes, and not misused.

Non-required equipment that has not been used for a substantial period of time should be made available to others or sent to Surplus Property for disposal. 

Capital equipment should be maintained by department personnel or outside vendors in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules.  Maintenance schedules should be followed for equipment currently in use and equipment in storage.  Records of maintenance performed should be kept for each item of capital equipment.  Maintenance may include:

  1. Periodic inspection,
  2. Regularly scheduled lubrication,
  3. Protection from exposure,
  4. Routine cleaning,
  5. Proper cleaning prior to storage, and
  6. Associated record keeping.

Maintenance records must be kept for agency-owned equipment (e.g., federally owned equipment belonging to DOD, NASA, DOE, etc.).

See PRO 1002: Inventory Records Maintenance