Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 300: Equipment Management
Effective: 05/22/2006
Revised: 03/11/2016


Equipment used for current operational needs is generally considered required equipment and should be stored as appropriate.  The long term storage of non-required equipment is not advocated.  Non-required equipment that has been in storage for a substantial period of time should be made available to others or sent to Surplus Property for disposal.  However, equipment that is extremely specialized and used only intermittently or during specific seasons for field work may be appropriately stored for future use.

When equipment is not in use, the responsible department must make arrangements for the optimal maintenance and protection of the asset.  The equipment should be housed adequately with proper packaging to ensure preservation of the asset.  Special controls and inspections should be provided for (1) equipment that is subject to corrosion or may be damaged by humidity and temperature extremes, and (2) the accessories and special tools that may or may not be regularly used with the parent asset. 

Government property in the custody of a department should be segregated when required and adequate security and protection must be provided for assets both inside and outside storage.  Access to property in storage should be limited to authorized personnel including Fixed Asset Property Management for Biennial Inventory. 

Additional Information

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