Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 500: Vehicles
Effective: 05/27/2003
Revised: 11/27/2017


All OSU owned vehicles licensed for road use, regardless of value, are capitalized and added to the Fixed Asset Inventory.  Accurate record keeping facilitates the production of any required reports.

Departmental purchases of vehicles must be made in accordance with Procurement and Contract Services Policy PaCS 303 Purchase Orders. Payments processed on the FIS Banner system should use account code 40104 for general funds and A8012 for Service Centers or Auxiliaries. See PRO 202: Purchases for the procedure for vehicle acquisitions.

Donated Vehicles

Vehicles received as gifts must also be added to inventory.  Follow the procedures outlined in PRO 207: Gift to properly acknowledge the Gift and add it to inventory.  The OSU Foundation’s policy on donated vehicles requires the vehicle's value to be verified using a blue-book search.  The lesser of the donor’s value or the blue-book value will be used as the inventory value.

Asset Information

See PRO-Ex1: Creating an Asset Record from a Banner Invoice for information required for the asset record.  In addition to the regular information required for equipment, the ‘E’ license plate number is also required for the Fixed Asset Record for vehicles. See PRO 1002: Inventory Records Maintenance for record management requirements for vehicles. 

Title Requirements

All OSU vehicles must have State of Oregon license plates.  Vehicles for on-road use must have an "E" plate, which has an "E" as the first letter in the license plate.  Vehicles for off-road use must have an "N" plate, which has a "N" as the first letter in the license plate. Departments can register and title a vehicle, but may wish to have Motor Pool manage this process.

Once a title is received, the original title must be sent to Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management (PCMM) Administration at 644 SW 13th Street in the Property Services Building to be filed for safe keeping. The registration paperwork should be kept in the vehicle and the department may want to keep a copy of the title for reference. PCMM will contact Fixed Assets Property Management to confirm that the vehicle is on OSU inventory and to reference the asset number on the title. Titles need to be signed by the Chief Procurement Officer when the vehicles are sold.

Vehicle Purchases via OSU Foundation (OSUF) or Ag Research Foundation (ARF) Funds

These vehicle purchases are not processed through Banner. In these instances, complete and submit a Fixed Asset Data Entry (FADE) form to Fixed Assets Property Management.  A copy of the OSUF Check Request form and invoice should accompany the form. See PRO-Ex3: Fixed Asset Data Entry (FADE) Form for instructions and a sample FADE form.

Additional Information

See the Motor Pool website for additional information on basic vehicle rules and regulations.

See the Risk Management website under Vehicle Use to request an Accident Report Packet to keep in the vehicle govebox (includes an insurance card). Also, refer to Motor Vehicle Claims for details regarding vehicle accidents or contact Risk Management at 541-737-7350.