Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 800: Equipment Disposal
Effective: 07/01/1996
Revised: 02/10/2020


Departments are permitted to trade-in state owned capital and non-capital property upon obtaining approval from Surplus Property.  

Trade-in values that are substantially less than the market value of the equipment are prohibited.

Note: If the traded item is minor equipment (not a capital asset), a Property Disposition Request (PDR) Form still needs to be filled out and sent to Surplus Property for approval; however, there are some fields that are not required (i.e. Cap Fund or Cap Acct).

Responsible Party Action
  1. Contact Surplus Property (541-737-7347) to obtain approval to trade-in state owned property.
Surplus Property
  1. Review asset records and determines if item is eligible for trade-in.
  2. If eligible, grant verbal authorization to department.
  3. If not eligible, department is not granted authorization for disposal of equipment via trade-in.
  1. Complete a PDR.
  2. Have PDR form signed by Surplus Property.
  3. Submit PDR with Purchasing Requisition (see PRO 209: Trade) and quote form the vendor to the Buyer within the appropriate Business Center.
Fixed Assets Property Management
  1. If the trade-in includes a capital asset, print the PDR included in back-up documentation from the Credit Memo processed for the Trade-In Value (see PRO 209: Trade).
  2. Remove traded asset from inventory as new asset is being added to inventory.