Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 800: Equipment Disposal
Effective: 07/01/1996
Revised: 03/29/2016


Departments may cannibalize obsolete or non-functional equipment upon obtaining approval from Fixed Assets Property Management - Financial Accounting & Analysis (FA&A). 

Responsible Party Action
  1. Prepare a list of potential equipment to be salvaged or cannibalized.
  2. Contact Surplus Property to see what the equipment value might be if resold "as is".
  3. Submit list to Fixed Assets Property Management and request approval to cannibalize or part out the equipment. 
Fixed Assets Property Management
  1. Audit the asset record to see that the property is OSU-owned and not accountable to a current grant or contract.
  2. Approve or disapprove request and notify department of decision.
  1. If approved, submit a Property Disposition Request (PDR) Form to Fixed Assets Property Management.
Fixed Assets Property Management
  1. Remove equipment from inventory.