Reser Stadium west Grandstands rendering

The completion of Reser Stadium, originally constructed in 1967 and remodeled in 1991, would provide much-needed space for year-round use for student services, university programs and public-private entities; implement seismic and safety improvements; provide new donor and revenue opportunities; and address significantly undersized westside stadium current features, such as concourse space, restrooms, concession areas and accessibility standards.

Project Details

Project Status: 
Project Progress: 
Project Category: 
Major capital project
Projected Completion Date: 
Spring 2023
Project Budget: 
Funding Source(s): 
Gifts, Article XI-F (1) Bonds, University Revenue Bonds
Type of Project: 


Project Manager: 
Lori Fulton & Libby Ramirez
Last Updated: 
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Capital Project Stage Gate I: Reser Stadium West Grandstands - presented to the Board of Trustees January 28, 2021.

Completing Reser Stadium - Oregon State Athletics