CIC rendering

Project Description

The Collaborative Innovation Complex (CIC) will be a dynamic place where creative, driven faculty and students come together to conduct research to solve critical challenges facing the state, nation and world. The CIC will advance team-based, transdisciplinary research and learning, while harnessing artificial intelligence, computation and materials science to tackle grand challenges in climate science, sustainability and health. The CIC will employ a next-generation supercomputer designed to solve the world’s most challenging computational problems, a state-of-the-art clean room and other specialized signature research facilities purposely designed to facilitate team-based research. The CIC will also support innovation, entrepreneurship and partnerships with industry, while helping to prepare bachelor through Ph.D. degree graduates for Oregon’s workforce and beyond. The CIC also underpins OSU’s research and education efforts supporting the semiconductor industry. With more than $200 million in planned public and private investments in facilities, equipment and programs, the Collaborative Innovation Complex will help propel Oregon State’s mission to pursue groundbreaking solutions for the betterment of humanity, the environment and the economy. The CIC will serve as a hub in a larger effort to build further on OSU’s distinction for highly collaborative research and innovation, an ongoing initiative that includes complementary facilities renovations, faculty hiring and programs accelerating and supporting team-based research.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Project Details

Project Status: 
Project Category: 
Major capital project
Projected Completion Date: 
Winter 2026
Project Budget: 
Funding Source(s): 
State paid bonds, OSU-paid bonds, gifts, capital renewal funds
Type of Project: 
New Construction

Project People

Project Manager: 
Dustin Sievers