Strand Hall Renovation Project Summary

  • Total Project Budget: $24,870,000
  • Funding source(s): XI-G Bonds $6,586,000; XI-F1Q Bonds $4,847,000; Lottery Bonds $6,586,000; SELP Loans $6,851,000
  • Construction Begin Date: Fall-13
  • Move In Date: Fall-15
  • Description of programs and benefits to OSU: Remodel for seismic resilience and accessibility, code and energy upgrades.  Building will include 16 general purpose classrooms & College of Agricultural Science Deans office
  • New Building or renovation of old: renovation of old
  • Architect: Hennebery Eddy Architects
  • General Contractor: Hoffman Construction
  • Square Footage: 115,000
  • Grand Opening:  October 27, 2015


Since construction in 1909 - 1913 (the building was completed in three phases), this 115,000 sqaure foot classroom and office building has been home for numerous departments - with an on-going presence of the College of Agricultural Sciences.  The Strand Ag Renovation Project, which was completed in Fall 2015, brought significant improvments, including that have taken Stand Ag from one of the least accessbile buildings on campus to one of the most accessbilty.  Accessibility improvements include interior and exterior access ramps, the creation of four accessbily entrances, fully accessible bathrooms, and an elevator that now reaches the fourth floor. 

"The building truly showcases that when accessibility is considered throughout a project, the results are seamless, the features blend into the building – they are almost non-apparent. Contrast this with the former design where a big concrete ramp was introduced into a former window well, prominently segregating access into a separate entrance." - said Gabriel Merrell, OSU associate director of Diversity, Community Engagement, and Accessibility and deputy ADA coordinator. 

Renovation also brought about extensive seismic and energy upgrades and dramatic improvements to building accessibility.

“It’s a thrill to see this building restored and renewed far beyond its former glory.  Strand Ag Hall is now an open, accessible space; it’s a seismically safe place; and it’s a beautiful space to invite people to explore agricultural sciences.” - Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, Dan Arp