Withycomb Hall renovations

Project Description

The Withycombe Hall Renovation will design both east and west sides of the building for capital improvement and renewal of building systems. Prioritized for first phase, the Dairy Processing Facility is included in the renovation of the east side of the building to create a research and learning space for the dairy science program, and public outreach retail space for products produced in the program.

The renovation includes;

  • Seismic safety improvements
  • Fire and life safety system improvements and renewal
  • Accessibility improvements¬†
  • Plumbing renewal
  • HVAC improvements with efficiency, carbon reduction, laboratory safety and occupant comfort as goals. Cooling chilled water is planned to be supplied from the new North District Utility Plant (NDUP) constructed with the Cordley Renovation project.¬†
  • Electrical service and lighting renewal
  • Roof and roof-top systems renewal
  • General Interior and exterior finish renewal
  • Major and minor interior configuration changes for usefulness and efficiency
Last Updated: 
Thursday, December 16, 2021

Project Details

Project Status: 
Project Category: 
Major capital project
Projected Start Date: 
Fall 2022
Projected Completion Date: 
Project Budget: 
$51 million
Funding Source(s): 
OSU Revenue Bond, CIR Funds, State bonds, Gifts
Type of Project: 

Project People

Project Manager: 
Christina Vinson