Campus at night map. While the Oregon State University community and the city of Corvallis are considered friendly and relatively safe communities, neither is immune to the realities of the world. A safe and secure environment is made possible through each member of the Oregon State University community's involvement in crime prevention and sensible behavior.

In order to have a safe and successful Oregon State University experience, each person must take responsibility to recognize one's own vulnerability to crime and reduce risks through preventive action and cooperation with Oregon State Police and the Department of Public Safety.

Night Time Personal Safety

Although we encourage you to utilize the Saferide Shuttle Service and or use DPS Personal Escort, there will be times when you cannot. In those cases follow these guidelines:

  • Travel with a friend or in a group.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid dark, vacant or deserted areas; use well-lit and well-traveled routes.
  • Dress in clothes and shoes which will not hamper movement.

If You Sense You Are In Trouble:
  • Move away from the potential threat if possible.
  • Join any group of people nearby; cross the street and increase your pace.
  • If a threatening situation is imminent and people are close by to help, yell, scream, blow a whistle or make a commotion in any way you can to get their attention. Remember, people are more likely to respond to shouts of "Fire" and "Call 9-1-1" than to shouts of "Rape."
  • Go to an open building or business.
  • From a safe location call 7-7000 or 541-737-7000.
Use a Blue Light Emergency Phone or a Security Phone (Yellow Box) located at the main entrances of all residence halls. (Please see map)

Services for Your Safety
  • Vehicle jump-starts.
  • Vehicle access requests.
  • Personal Safety/Medical Escorts call 7-3010 or 541-737-3010.
  • Saferide Shuttle Service call 7-5000 or 541-737-5000.
  • Campus Shuttle (M-F until 6PM) call 7-2583 or 541-737-2583.

Resources for Your Safety
Certain routes on the Oregon State University campus have been identified as the most frequented and well-lit paths to use at night. Students and staff are strongly encouraged to use them and to walk with friends at night. (Please see map)