Do you see the environmental and justice challenges of our time and wonder what you can do to take action now? The Beyond Earth Day Eco-Justice challenge is a week-long social media challenge that tackles these issues. Each day April 19-23, 2021, a topic will be described on InstagramFacebook and this webpage, along with different action steps you can take to start making a lasting impact. At the end of the week, we challenge you to pick one pledge - one action from the week you commit to take on - and fill out the online pledge. There is no action too small and working collectively will help change many of our habits.

This challenge is part of Beyond Earth Day, a week-long celebration of people and planet that occurs near Earth Day (April 22nd) each year at OSU.

Challenge Topics

How to avoid all the single-use food packaging that has become even more present during COVID-19. Learn more on the Monday, April 19th Instagram and Facebook posts. Pledge options include:

  • Make your own food and drinks at home
  • Make a utensils kit to take with you when you eat out - learn how here
  • Ask your city council and local restaurants to implement contactless pour methods or incentives for refusing disposables

How to reduce your impact on the environment and worker conditions through buying clothing second-hand. Learn more on the Tueday, April 20th Instagram and Facebook posts. Pledge options include:

  • Revamp, mend, and use what you have as long as you can
  • Sell or donate unwanted items instead of throwing them away
  • Host an exchange with your friends to pick up "new" clothes

How to learn more about environmental justice and play your part in supporting the movementLearn more on the Wednesday, April 21st Instagram and Facebook posts. Pledge options include:

  • Join the movement! Find and support an organization, local or national, that fights for environmental justice. 
  • Vote for just environmental laws, policies, and regulations. Research to make sure any proposed environmental laws you vote for are taking appropriate measures to ensure justice and equal effects across all populations.
  • Contact your government officials about environmental justice and inquire if appropriate measures are being taken to ensure equitable and just treatment.

How to reduce the food you waste and save moneyLearn more on the Thursday, April 22nd Instagram and Facebook posts. Pledge options include:

  • Make an "Eat First" sign to go in the fridge by leftovers and fresh fruit/veggies
  • Record your wasted food for a week and identify one thing you can improve (download the sheet here)
  • Make a freezer inventory list so you know what's buried in there

How to prioritize your mental health by getting outside and enjoying the sun. Learn more on the Friday, April 23rd Instagram and Facebook posts. Pledge options include:

  • Try a new outdoor hobby like birding, geocaching or gardening 
  • Move something you normally do inside to the outdoors (exercising, studying, eating, etc.) 
  • Invite your friends to an outside, socially-distanced activity (picnic, hike, litter pick-up, etc.) 

How to Pledge

At the end of the week (April 23rd or later), we challenge you to pick one pledge - one action from the week you commit to take on - and fill out the online pledge.

Take the Pledge!

After pledging, join our Discord channel to share wins, get tips, and meet new people! A link to join will be provided after you submit your pledge.

For More Information

For questions or alternative formats or accommodations related to a disability, or other questions, please contact Andrea Norris via email.