2020 Results

Congrats Beavers - we won the most recent Campus Race to Zero Waste Oregon Classic, in 2020! The final score was 9.90 to 6.30 pounds recycled per person, allowing OSU to keep the title, the bragging rights and the trophy another year! An estimated 273,709 pounds were recycled over the eight weeks of the competition. (The name of the competition was changed from "RecycleMania" to Campus Race to Zero Waste in the summer of 2020.)

Results Over Time

Oregon Classic Results

Since starting the Oregon Classic in 2010, OSU has won seven times (2010-2012, 2015 and 2018-2020) compared to UO’s four (2013-2014 and 2016-2017).


  • 2010: OSU recycled 374,864 lbs and composted 19,145 lbs.
  • 2011: OSU recycled and composted 484,449 lbs! Additionally, OSU collected 5,109 lbs of e-waste and 55 cubic yards (9 standard dumpsters or 11,108 gallons) of Styrofoam during collection events.
  • 2012: OSU recycled 477,101 lbs and composted 60,408 lbs! OSU collected 49,025 lbs. of electronic waste, ranking it 5th in the country. OSU also ranked #1 out of the 9 Oregon universities who competed in the Per Capita Classic (lbs. of recycling per person) and Gorilla Prize (total lbs. of recycling) categories.
  • 2013: OSU recycled 353,613 lbs and composted 73,960 lbs!
  • 2014: OSU collected 238,916 lbs of recycling and 44,333 lbs of compost.
  • 2015: OSU recycled 265,070 lbs and composted 55,006 lbs.
  • 2016: OSU recycled 235,893 lbs and composted 60,076 lbs.
  • 2017: OSU recycled 232,063 lbs and composted 61,440 lbs.
  • 2018: OSU recycled 243,852 lbs. After discussion with UO, both universities made a few changes to the Campus Race to Zero Waste competition. Compost weights were removed from the competition after complications arose when it came to determining the accuracy of these weights. The inter-hall challenge at OSU where residence halls compete to see who can recycle the most was also discontinued.
  • 2019: OSU recycled 191,661 lbs.
  • 2020: OSU recycled 273,709 lbs.