Must be sealed & non-perishable.

Soaps, lotions, unused deodorant, laundry soap, spray cleaners, cleaning wipes, etc. Bottles can be unsealed if mostly full.

Must be clean, dry & in good condition.

Decor, dishes, lamps, etc. Items must be clean, dry, and in working condition. If your item does not fit in the donation bin, place on the ground next to the bin. See large furniture guidelines below.

Contact your RD to schedule a pickup of your large furniture items (shelving units, fridges, futons, chairs, etc.). DO NOT place near or in trash dumpster.

Electronics will be recycled if they are not reusable. If your item does not fit in the donation bin, place on the ground next to the bin.

Donate your bike to a future Beaver! Bike drop-offs will be accepted by the Department of Public Safety office in Cascade Hall during Finals Week, June 12-16. Donated bikes will be part of the Fall Bike Sale next year.

As usual, all cardboard needs to be taken outside. 

Place other accepted recyclables in the Bottles & Cans and Paper containers inside your hall receptacles, including extra large carts added in week 10, located on the ground floor in most halls (floor 2 in Halsell and upper floors in the ILLC; no changes to recycling in The Gem or Orchard Court). 

Any items that can’t be donated or recycled should be taken to the outside dumpster/compactor. If your hall has an extra large dumpster placed at it during the move out period, you are welcome to use it.

*Electronics Reminder: Electronics should be donated to Great Move-Out and should NOT be placed in the trash!