Each year, OSU Campus Recycling and Surplus Property, in collaboration with University Housing and Dining, coordinate an effort to reduce waste during residence hall move-out by educating residents and giving them the tools to recycle and donate as much as possible. Learn more about previous years' results here.  


In 2019, we received donations of 22,533 pounds which unfortunately did not meet our goal of 31,000 pounds.

Most of the decrease in donations came from the categories of housewares, food, and wood. The decrease in wood could be explained by an increase in rentable lofting kits provided by University Housing and Dining, but we are unsure what contributed to a significant decrease in housewares, food, and the other categories.

While we didn't meet our goal for the year, we can all be proud of the 11 tons that were donated this year. We are extremely grateful to everyone who donated, as well as the volunteers and staff that helped make the Great Move-Out happen!

The donations help our local nonprofits and those in our community who are in need, plus it benefits the environment by promoting the reuse of materials!

Below you can compare how we've done throughout the years:

And here is a breakdown of each year's results by category:


2012 Weight (lbs)

2013 Weight (lbs)

2014 Weight (lbs)

2015 Weight (lbs)

2016 Weight (lbs)

2017 Weight (lbs)

2018 Weight (lbs)

2019 Weight (lbs)

Wood 4,421 7,081 3,820 7,618 1,000 7,864 2,000 400
Clothing, Shoes, Linens 5,252 7,283 6,664 9,706 6,867 8,191 10,861 9,034
Food, Toiletries, School Supplies 2,517 2,693 1,897 3,358 3,103 4,119 4,563 3,119
Housewares 7,932 8,922 10,027 13,268 11,997 15,502 14,889 9,980
Total Donations 20,693 25,979 22,408 33,950 22,967 35,676 32,313 22,533

2019 Benefitting Organizations

How We Do It

Residence halls receive move-out kits, which students can pick up from the front desk. Plastic bags are provided at RA desks upon request for food, toiletries, clothing, bedding, and small housewares. Labeled donation bins are located in the lobby, along with all the recycling receptacles.

Residents are made aware of the upcoming donation drive starting about one month in advance. Info is provided via abundant signage inside the halls, large posters at each UHDS service center, notices in the Campus Living eNewsletter, presentations to the East, South, and West Side Area Councils, posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Ecologue blog), and a web page made just for residents.

For More Information

Andrea Norris, 737-5398
Marketing & Development Coordinator, OSU Campus Recycling