Each year, OSU Campus Recycling and Surplus Property, in collaboration with University Housing and Dining, coordinate an effort to reduce waste during residence hall move-out by giving residents the tools to recycle and donate as much as possible. In 2019, we received 22,533 pounds of donations that went to local nonprofits! Learn more about previous years' results here.

This year is different due to COVID-19, but residents still have the same opportunity to give what they no longer need! Please see details below.

Where Do I Put My Stuff?

Donations (Reusable Goods)

Green roll carts were placed on the main floor of every residence hall near the start of the term and will remain through finals week. The following can placed in those carts:


Must be sealed & non-perishable.

Personal Hygiene and Cleaning Supplies

Soaps, lotions, unused deodorant, laundry soap, spray cleaners, cleaning wipes, etc. Bottles can be unsealed if mostly full.

Clothing, Towels, Bedding

Must be clean, dry & in good condition.

Household Items & Furniture

Decor, dishes, lamps, chairs, shelves, etc. Items must be clean, dry, and in working condition. If your item does not fit in the donation cart, place on the ground next to the cart.


Place unwanted bicycles next to donation bins.

Loft Bed Kits

Place all scrap wood (e.g. loft bed kits) next to your outdoor trash dumpster, on the ground.


Broken Electronics, Ink, and CDs/DVDs

Place in donation carts. Electronics, CDs & ink cartridges will be recycled if they are not reusable. CDs and DVDs must be in their cases. If your item does not fit in the donation bin, place on the ground next to the bin.

Recycling (Paper, Bottles & Cans, Cardboard)

Place accepted recyclables in the standard Bottles & Cans and Paper bins in your residence hall (the metal, gray units). As usual, all cardboard needs to be taken outside. 


Any items that can’t be donated or recycled should be taken to the outside dumpster/compactor.

2020 Benefitting Organizations

For More Information

Email Andrea Norris, Marketing & Development Coordinator, OSU Campus Recycling

Learn more about how the Great Move Out program is typically offered.

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