The Waste Watchers Executive Board / The High Council

TBD, Public Relations Chair / Propagandist

The Public Relations Chair will help draft ideas and content for Waste Wednesdays on social media. They will also consider different social media platforms when creating content to post (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). If desired, they can also help create the content itself for social media (on Canva or other platforms).

TBD, Repair Fair Chair / Fearless Fixer

The Repair Fair Chair will help with Repair Fair planning by taking charge of the volunteer recruitment. They will also help the Club Coordinators and the Advisor with support and coordination to complete marketing tasks and assist in drafting social content (e.g. sending out listserv's and social media share requests).

TBD, Reusables Chair

The Reusables Chair will focus on both the reusable utensils and the reusable cups campaign throughout the whole year. They will help present at student clubs about our campaigns and recruit and train volunteers to present as well. They will also help support and coordinate to complete marketing tasks and assist in drafting social media content.

Club Coordinators / Squad Leaders

  • Taylor Munro, Outreach Assistant, Campus Recycling
  • Lily Butler, Outreach Assistant, Campus Recycling

Club Advisor / The Elder

  • Andrea Norris ("Dre"), Marketing & Development Coordinator, Campus Recycling

For More Information:

Have a leadership role idea? If you are interested in leadership, but would like to focus on a different facet of waste reduction or group dynamics, then talk to us about creating a new position in the Waste Watchers!

To talk about any leadership roles within the club, stop by during one of our weekly meetings and speak with a Waste Watcher coordinator, or email Andrea Norris.

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