Safety Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 100: General Safety
Effective: 10/01/2001
Revised: 07/6/2012


To protect human health and the environment, ensure regulatory compliance and preserve University interests and assets.


All Oregon State University employees, students, and any other individuals conducting business on OSU property.


Effective management of health and safety at Oregon State University is fundamental to delivering excellence in research and teaching. Health and safety should be a concern to everyone since our mutual efforts and vigilance are necessary to eliminate incidents that result in personal injury and loss of property. The majority of injuries and property loss are costly and preventable. Through the dedicated efforts of everyone involved, we can maintain a safe and healthy environment while accomplishing the mission of the University. 


Oregon State University will make reasonable efforts to provide a safe and healthful working environment for all employees, students and others who may utilize the University's facilities and grounds. All University departments/units will develop and implement safety policies and procedures that promote an injury free environment.

Anyone engaged in University related activities must exercise personal responsibility and care to prevent injury and illness to themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. No person shall intentionally interfere with or misuse anything provided by the University in the interests of health and safety.. Individuals are required to have the proper training for the safe operation and use of university facilities, equipment and supplies as well as animal handling. Faculty and staff administrators will be held accountable for fulfilling their safety responsibilities. Flagrant disregard of the University safety policies and procedures may result in  disciplinary action.

Priority should be given to safe working conditions and job safety practices in the planning, budgeting, direction and implementation of University activities.

The OSU Health and Safety Policy should be read in conjunction with SAF 103: OSU Safety Program and other safety policies contained in the OSU Safety (SAF) Policy and Procedure Manual.

Cross Reference

SAF 103: OSU Safety Program.