Safety Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 100: General Safety
Revised: 09/18/2007


To prevent injuries, loss of life, property damage, and interruption to University operations due to fires and fire related incidents. 


Oregon State University will pursue every reasonable effort to comply with the Oregon Amended International Fire Code and other applicable fire and life safety regulations.


University Safety Committee (USC)

  • The USC has overall responsibility for review and recommendation of policies pertaining to fire safety.

Each College and Operating Unit

  • Require that all persons evacuate buildings in an orderly manner when the fire alarm is activated and verify evacuation.
  • Correct deficiencies noted in fire and life safety inspections.
  • Notify EH&S of major changes in the use of space (e.g. office becomes storage room for chemicals).

Environmental Health & Safety

  • Designate an individual to develop, coordinate and administer a fire safety program.
  • Assist in developing emergency evacuation plans and assist with evacuation drills for all occupied University buildings.
  • Conduct periodic audits of University buildings to determine whether they provide adequate protection to occupants in the event of a fire, and report audit findings in writing to the responsible party for action to address concerns.
  • Develop fire safety training and awareness programs aimed at providing University staff with information on fire prevention and proper response to any fires that may arise.
  • Consult with Facilities Services, colleges and units on the design and testing of fire protection systems and other building design features that impact fire and life safety.
  • Develop programs to reduce the potential for fires and/or false alarms.
  • Review all building and construction plans for renovation and construction projects for adherence to current fire and life safety codes.
  • Function as the University's liaison with the Corvallis Fire Department.

OSU Facilities Groups (Facilities Services, University Housing and Dinning Services, Memorial Union, etc.)

  • Ensure renovation and construction projects are designed and constructed in accordance with applicable fire and life safety codes.
  • Maintain all fire protection systems to be operational and functioning properly.
  • Resolve issues related to fire safety identified in periodic inspections.
  • Coordinate with the Office of Risk Management (ORM) for the restoration of damaged property by fire or fire related incidents.

Department of Public Safety / Oregon State Police

  • Provide assistance and guidance during building evacuations and fire emergencies.
  • Function as the lead agency in any fire investigation if criminal activities are suspected.
  • Assist the Risk Officer in preparation of insurance claim related paperwork for any property damage or third party liability claims resulting from a fire or fire related incidents.

OSU Office of Risk Management

  • Function as the liaison with the DAS Risk Management Division for all property damage or third party liability claims resulting from fire or fire related incidents.