Safety Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 200: Workplace Safety


To protect University employees who work in areas where physical hazards or the potential for physical hazards exist.

Background Information

The Occupational & Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards require protection for the head, eyes, ears, skin, feet, hands, respiratory system, and/or body under certain hazardous working conditions.


A general rule to follow is "use of personal protective equipment is required when there is a reasonable probability that injury or illness can be prevented by such equipment."

Reasonable engineering controls, such as increased ventilation, are preferable to personal protective equipment.   When employees are required to wear personal protective equipment, the cost of the equipment should be considered a departmental expense.  

Supervisor Responsibility
Supervisors or instructors should consult with Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) (7-2273) or another qualified person to assess hazards in areas where their employees work.  A determination will be made as to which areas require the use of personal protective equipment and the type and quality of the necessary equipment.  Supervisors and instructors are responsible for ensuring that workers, students, and visitors wear the protective equipment as specified.

An effort has been made to make the more common personal protective equipment readily available, either through the Chemistry Stores (7-2271), the Facilities Services Tool Room (7-3390), or EH&S.  See SAF-Ex1: Personal Protective Equipment Locations for a list of specific locations where Personal Protective Equipment may be obtained.  The cost of this equipment may be charged against any approved departmental account.  Supervisors who do not have ready access to these campus facilities may obtain personal protective equipment through any approved commercial safety equipment supplier.  However, supervisors should consult EH&S to ensure that the type of equipment selected is appropriate.

Supervisors are responsible for training their employees so they are able to identify situations that require the use of personal protective equipment and know how to properly use, care for and maintain the equipment.

Employee Responsibilities
Employees are required to wear personal protective equipment when determined necessary.  Please see SAF-Ex4:List of Personal Protective Equipment.