Safety Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 200: Workplace Safety
Revised: 07/25/2013


To provide guidelines for safe work practice. 

Background Information

The Safety Rules are intended to serve as guidelines for safe work practice.  They were developed to provide basic safety information for the different work environments found at OSU, based on prudent safety procedures and state safety codes.  These Safety Rules do establish a minimum level of safety behavior that, if followed, can reduce accidents.


The Safety Rules should be one of the tools used for initial safety training, however, they should not be considered as complete and may not include all necessary precautionary measures.  Departments and supervisors are encouraged to establish added safety rules that are specific to their individual work situations. 

Supervisor Responsibility

Supervisors are responsible for providing and documenting the initial and continuing safety training necessary to allow employees to perform their work safely.  This must be a joint effort between the supervisor and employee and must include frequent work observations by the supervisor and prompt correction of observed unsafe work habits.

New employees experience a high number of injuries, primarily because they may be unfamiliar with proper safe work procedures.  To reduce this vulnerability, supervisors must ensure that new employees receive the appropriate initial safety training. (See Safety Training Documentation.)  The Office of Environmental Health and Safety can provide additional safety training information.

Employee Responsibility

All employees are required to perform work in a safe manner.  Knowledge of appropriate safe work procedures and safety rules is essential.  Employees must comply with established safety rules and keep their work areas free of hazards by correcting unsafe conditions or by reporting them to supervisors in a timely manner.

Safety Training Documentation

Supervisors must perform a safety orientation with new employees as soon as possible after hire date.  This initial safety orientation is a good time to provide safety information to the new employee regarding hazardous chemicals in the work area, as required by the Hazard Communication and Training Program.

All new employees, with the exception of student workers, receive the Acknowledgment of Safety Rules, Emergency Procedures and Hazard Communication Training form as a part of their benefits package issued by the Office of Human Resources.  Supervisors are responsible for providing the new employee with a copy of the Safety Rules that apply to the work assignment, and to provide a copy of the acknowledgement form to student employees.  Supervisors are also responsible for reviewing the Safety Rules and emergency procedures with the new employee and jointly completing and signing the form.

Signing the form shows only that the employee has been instructed in safety procedures.  The signature does not exclude the employee from any compensation by SAIF for disease or injuries received on the job, regardless of cause.  Supervisors are to return the completed form to Environmental Health & Safety.  A copy should be retained in the employee's departmental personnel file.

Safety Rules

Environmental Health and Safety has a Library of Safety Instructions that includes documents on the following topics:

  1. Classroom Safety
  2. Construction Safety
  3. Crane and Hoist Safety
  4. Electrical Safety
  5. Elevated Work Surfaces
  6. Food Service Safety    
  7. Forklift Safety
  8. General Safety Awareness
  9. Health Care Environment
  10. Housekeeping and Custodial Safety
  11. Laboratory Safety
  12. Material Handling
  13. Motor Vehicle Maintenance
  14. Office environment
  15. Painting Safety
  16. Physical Labor Safety
  17. Shop Safety
  18. Welding and Burning