Safety Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 300: Laboratory Safety
Revised: 5/31/2018


To protect personnel and comply with applicable regulations.


Recognizing that ionizing radiation is useful in the teaching and research missions of OSU, university policy directs that radioisotopes and radiation-emitting machines be used as effectively as possible by OSU personnel at university facilities.  This is to be accomplished while ensuring that applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations are not violated; that risk from ionizing radiation is not incurred except when justified by the benefits from the activity; and that radiation exposure is maintained at a level that is as low as reasonably achievable.

Radiation Safety Program

The Vice President for Finance and Administration has been given the responsibility for maintaining a radiation safety program that adequately ensures compliance with university policy. The radiation safety program applies to all locations under university control in which radioisotopes or radiation-producing machines are used or stored. It applies to all persons who work in or visit these locations, and to all radioisotope and radiation-producing machines at these locations, regardless of ownership. The program applies to a limited extent to university personnel and equipment at locations not controlled by OSU.

Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee, appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration, is responsible for recommending university policy with respect to radiation safety, establishing standards and regulations needed to implement this policy, reviewing operations and procedures of Radiation Safety, and acting as the statutory radiation use review committee required by State and Federal radioactive materials license.

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety is the administrative unit responsible for processing requests for authorization to use radioisotopes or radiation machines, for providing personnel dosimeters, radioactive waste disposal, package inspection, work place surveillance programs, and for providing consultation and advice on matters associated with radiation safety.

Supervisor Responsibility

Generally, Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all radioactive materials and/or radiation-producing machines are used in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, ensuring adequate employee training, keeping up to date on radiation safety practices and requirements, and maintaining a good radiation safety program in their lab.  Detailed responsibilities may be found in the OSU Radiation Safety Manual.

Employee Responsibility

Employees are responsible for receiving adequate training for the work they will perform, adhering to applicable rules and regulations, and being familiar with available resources (e.g. Radiation Safety, RS web page, Radiation Safety Manual).

Radiation Safety Manual

The Radiation Safety Manual contains university policies, regulations, and procedures pertaining to radiation safety. The manual also contains required personnel training information and additional useful information. The current manual is produced by Radiation Safety and issued by the Radiation Safety Committee after approval by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.