The organization awarding the student's scholarship should provide the student with information as to how the check will be distributed. If the scholarship check is made payable to OSU, it is applied directly onto the student's OSU student account, according to the scholarship source's specifications. If the scholarship check requires a student signature, we will contact the student by ONID email. The check is then applied directly to the student's OSU student account. The Student Accounts Office verifies eligibility requirements defined by the scholarship source, and notifies the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships when the scholarship is applied to a student's OSU student account.

The donor should inform students when the scholarship check has been mailed. If a student needs to know when to expect the check to arrive at the Student Accounts Office, they should contact the scholarship source.

Some scholarships are awarded for an academic year, in which case the scholarship source may send an individual check each term or a single check for all terms of the academic year. The Student Accounts Office will follow the requirements defined by the scholarship source for distribution of the funds. If the scholarship is made out directly to the university and the donor does not specify which terms the scholarship is for, the funds will be disbursed equally throughout the academic year.

If there are no charges to pay, or the amount of the scholarship is greater than the amount of charges, the excess is refunded to the student. Refund checks are mailed to student's active Current Mailing address or direct deposited depending on which option the student has chosen. Please see the refund policy for information regarding refund distribution.

NOTE: Scholarship proceeds cannot be refunded to students until the first day of classes each term.