Student Organizations
Section 200: Recognized Student Organizations (RSO)
Effective: September 5, 2013
Revised: May 4, 2016


Recognition as a student organization through the department of Student Leadership and Involvement is the means by which student organizations may apply to receive standard privileges granted when certain minimum requirements are met. Student organizations are expected to maintain alignment with OSU’s mission and exemplify the principles of honesty, integrity and respect of diversity, while acting in good faith in the business dealings of the organization.  Except as specifically identified in this policy or expressly written in any sponsorship agreement, the University does not control or accept responsibility for the activities nor endorse the programs of student organizations.  Student organizations shall not misrepresent the mission, purpose or goals of the student organization.   OSU maintains the right to rescind recognition and/or not recognize a student organization that, in the sole judgment of OSU, does not further the educational mission of OSU.