Student Organizations
Section 300: Role & Responsibilities of Advisors
Effective: May 4, 2016


At OSU, VSOs are not required to have an advisor as a condition of recognition.  As such, if the VSO elects to pursue an advisor, the process for selecting an advisor is determined by the organization, with the specific responsibilities of the advisor to be negotiated and agreed upon by the organization and the potential advisor.  Advisors to VSOs are instrumental in helping the organization and its members grow, develop and learn real life leadership skills.

The following considerations should be made when determining the responsibilities of the advisor:

  • VSO are autonomous, student-run organizations, recognized as being "@ Oregon State University." While recognized by the University, VSOs are not considered official representatives of OSU
  • VSOs may choose to engage community members as advisors to their organizations
  • Oversight for this organization is not considered part of the work responsibilities of OSU faculty/staff
    • It is recommended that OSU faculty/staff speak with their department head and/or Dean, to ensure that this voluntary role does not conflict with work responsibilities
  • Advisor may not dictate or control the work of the student organization and should support student self-direction and control as outlined in Section 202: Recognition Eligibility
  • OSU department controlled resources, including funding or special access to space or equipment, may not be made available to the VSO, unless the department is sponsoring an activity – see activity sponsorship agreement (see 402: Activity Sponsorship Agreement)
  • Resources are available through Student Leadership & Involvement to support knowledge of University policies and guidelines that the student organizations will work within