Student Organizations
Section 600: Appendix
Effective July 1, 2010
Revised: May 4, 2016


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Advisor - Faculty, staff or community members working in relationship with a recognized student organization that allows for education and development as well as administration of data collection and applicable OSU policies, procedures and guidelines. SSOs are required to maintain a faculty advisor that is appointed by the sponsoring department (see section 302: Department Assigned Advisor). VSOs are not required to have an advisor as a condition for recognition (see section 303: VSO Advisor)

Annual Sponsorship Agreement - A formal written agreement between a student organization and a University department, establishing on-going relationship as an SSO and outlining all benefits, expectations and accountability measures.  See section ­­­­­401 – Annual Sponsorship Agreement for more detailed information, including expectations and conditions.

Activity Sponsorship Agreement - A formal written agreement between a VSO and a University department that establishes an understanding, temporarily outlining resources, roles, expectations and processes associated with a sponsored activity.  See section ­­­­­­­­­­­402 – Activity Sponsorship Agreement for more detailed information including expectations and conditions.



Department - One or more academic, student affairs or auxiliary unit(s) of OSU. This includes but is not limited to department (s), college(s), programs, schools, etc.

Department Student Organization - A student organization that is listed on a University organizational chart and for all purposes is Oregon State University.  As part of an OSU department, DSOs are not separate legal entities from OSU and are not Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs).  These programs/organizations are governed by and responsible for maintaining all University practices and policies and procedures, including financial responsibility for all associated business costs including tax identification.  See section 102: Departmental Student Organizations for more detailed information, including key indicators.



Activity - Any activity undertaken in the name of a student organization, i.e.; meetings, performances, conference attendance, travel, retreat, sporting event, cultural nights, speakers, competitions, etc.



Member/Membership – Currently enrolledOSU students who may be eligible to vote or hold leadership positions within a recognized student organization.



Oregon State University Student - An individual that is currently enrolled through any OSU or degree partnership program and not employed by OSU in a position that is half -time equivalence (0.5 FTE) or higher.  May also be referred to as “OSU Student.”



Recognized Student Organization (RSO) - An autonomous student organization, classified as SSO or VSO, which contributes to student learning and is critical to the mission and culture of the University.  For tax identification purposes, these organizations are legally separate from Oregon State University.  DSOs are not RSOs. 



Sponsorship Agreements – a memorandum of understanding used to establish relationship between a recognized student organization and a University department on an on-going (See Annual Sponsorship Agreement) or temporary (See Activity Sponsorship Agreement) basis. 

Sponsored Student Organization (SSO) - a recognized student organization that operates under the guidance of a sponsoring department and, while a legally separate from OSU, is in close relationship with OSU (see section 204: Sponsored Student Organizations)

Sponsoring Department – An OSU Department through which a SSO is affiliated to the university. 

Student Leadership & Involvement - The department responsible for providing administrative oversight of student organizations, including the development of and access to, baseline trainings for students and faculty advisors and policy development and management.

Student Organization - An affiliation of students bound by an interest, goal, work or community. May also be referred to as a club, chapter, team, coalition, etc.



University Recognition - A status - granted by the Student Leadership & Involvement (or designee) to a student organization upon successful completion of all registration requirements - which allows access to University benefits, if the terms of recognition are following by the organization.



Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) - Arecognized student organization under the direction and control of OSU students. The activities and operations of these organizations are not classified as official university business and do not represent the University (See section 205: Voluntary Student Organizations for more information).