If a unit wants to change the name of a building, that unit must make a request through University Advancement for a building name change. Space Management’s role is to forward the name change request to University Advancement. 

On occasion, Oregon State University seeks to recognize the efforts and contributions of individuals by the naming of buildings, portions of buildings, rooms, fixed furniture, trees, open spaces, fields, streets, and equipment, collectively referred to hereafter as "property." This policy establishes a uniform and consistent procedure to gain university approval and to record these namings for all university property on and off campus. University approval is required before the naming of any university property.

Requests for approval of naming should be transmitted to Facilities Services from the appropriate dean or vice provost. Following receipt of the request, Facilities Services will transmit the request and supporting documents to the Chief Institutional Advancement Officer, who will convene the Property Names Committee to review and forward a recommendation to the President. Final approval of property naming rests with the President.

For more information, visit the University Property Naming Policy Page at http://policy.oregonstate.edu/policy/UPSM/04-015_architectural_naming_po...