Student Employment Policy & Procedure Guide
Section 700: Job Categories and Pay Rates
Effective: 02/01/2021


A student employee position must fall within the University’s established job categories and compensation rates.


  • Undergraduate Student Food and Retail Service: Performs a variety of work associated with the provision of dining, food, and retail services.
  • Undergraduate Student Clerical: Performs general office work such as typing, copying, filing, sorting, indexing, reception duties, and accounting tasks.
  • Undergraduate Student Facilities/Maintenance: Performs light to heavy unskilled labor such as custodial or maintenance tasks for the purpose of upkeep and care of university buildings, facilities, or grounds.
  • Undergraduate Student Technical Assistant: Performs routine to complex technical tasks in support of research or administrative work which includes laboratory, green house, field plot, data collection, simple analysis, or the care and maintenance of animals.
  • Undergraduate Student Information Technology: Performs a variety of tasks related to computing operations, user support and installation, or programming and analysis.
  • Undergraduate Student Outreach Assistant: Performs a variety of work related to outreach programs, including assistance at camps, youth programs, nutrition and education programs, and physical activity courses. Work may be performed at various locations, on or off the main campus, or at partner institutions.
  • Undergraduate Student Support Services: Performs a variety of work related to the support and enhancement of the quality of student life at the university.
  • Graduate Student Project Assistant: Performs graduate-level research, field work, or administrative duties in support of academic and administrative faculty and/or units. These positions are filled by graduate students where the work requires advanced education, skills, knowledge or experience. May not be used to substitute for work performed by a graduate assistant for the purposes of meeting thesis or academic requirements towards the progress of an advanced degree. Work performed is in service to the university.

For more information on student employment job categories and compensation rates, visit the Employee Compensation Plans page and review the Student Pay Structure.

Questions regarding Job Categories and Pay Rates should be directed to the Student Employment Center at