Student Employment Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 800: Workplace Expectations and Conduct
Effective: 04/02/2013
Revised: 10/10/2013


Pay Periods and Payday

OSU processes payroll on a monthly basis.  Payday is the last workday of each month for all pay and employee types. 

Student employees are paid on an hourly basis.  Pay is issued for the period from the 16th of the prior month through the 15th of the current month and identified as current month pay, paid on the last workday of the current month.   

For actual pay dates, refer to the OSU Payroll Calendar.

For assistance in locating a missing paycheck, please contact the business center affiliated with the employing unit.


Timesheet Processing

After a student employee is hired, the business center affiliated with the employing college or department will process the student employee’s monthly timesheets.  Timely and accurate pay is required by law.  Please ensure that timesheets, signed by the student employee and supervisor, are submitted to the appropriate business center in accordance with instructions from your business center and the monthly timeline outlined in the OSU Payroll Calendar.  Follow this business centers link to find the appropriate business center.