Student Employment Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 900: Job Performance and Separation from Employment
Effective: 04/02/2013
Revised: 10/10/2013


While a performance evaluation is not required, supervisors are strongly encouraged to provide a student employee an assessment of her or his performance as an effective tool for assisting the student in their work performance and professional growth. 

A supervisor should take every opportunity to provide positive feedback to a student employee to let them know that they are performing well and to reinforce appropriate work ethic and behavior.  If the employee is performing in a manner that is less than satisfactory in a specific area or overall, the supervisor should speak to the student and provide clear expectations regarding what is considered acceptable performance in the identified area(s).  The supervisor should consider whether or not the student employee was properly trained or needs additional training.  This is to be done prior to a formal evaluation in order to provide the student employee an opportunity to modify or change work performance to meet the department’s standards.  Written notice to a student employee regarding the need for performance improvement is recommended.

If you would like assistance in developing a performance appraisal form or would like to discuss performance management matters, contact the Office of Human Resources at