Student Employment Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 900: Job Performance and Separation from Employment
Effective: 04/02/2013
Revised: 10/10/2013


Student employment is considered temporary employment and many jobs are short in duration.  The intent of the performance improvement process is to assist the student employee to perform satisfactorily or excel during the period of employment. Helping the student fully understand the needs of the job is a fundamental requirement of the supervisor. When talking with the student about performance feedback, listen to why the student is not able to perform adequately.  Provide the tools and training necessary to perform the job or to enhance job performance and skills.

If coaching to success is not effective or does not produce the intended results, contact the Office of Human Resources, Employee Relations section for advice and counsel.  Prior to removing an employee due to performance issues, you must first seek assistance from the Office of Human Resources.

Guidance in taking corrective action is available from the HR Solutions unit of the Office of Human Resources.  You may contact