Background on OSU's Carbon Commitment

In 2007, OSU President Ed Ray signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), now known as the Carbon Commitment. As part of the Commitment, OSU set an ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2025.

In 2008 and 2009, based on community input and a review of goals set by the State of Oregon and the Oregon University System, OSU established its first Climate Plan. Prioritizing carbon emissions reduction is now also reflected in the OSU Strategic Plan

To aid the goal of OSU's carbon neutrality by 2025, the Faculty Senate formed the Ad hoc Committee on the Carbon Commitment in 2018 as a network to promote carbon reducing actions within faculty and beyond. The Sustainability Office supports to this committee and its four working groups:

  1. Conservation and Efficiency
  2. Education and Curriculum
  3. Reporting and Communication
  4. Transportation

Conservation, Efficiency and Transportation Workgroup

The Conservation and Efficiency Workgroup focuses on identifying goals, best practices, and opportunities for reducing the carbon emissions of campus infrastructure, and academic travel and commuting through policy recommendations and communication with the OSU community.


  • Promote and model use of Green Office Certification surveys for several OSU units/departments, offering mentorship and assistance where needed. 
  • Promote the new Green Lab Certification to be launched by the Sustainability Office in January or February 2020. 
  • Advocate for an increase in funding for campus buildings retrocommissioning projects
  • Advocate for carbon neutral construction in all major capital projects
  • Explore options to implement a program to offset carbon emissions from OSU air travel.

Education and Curriculum Workgroup

The goal of the Education and Curriculum Workgroup is to ensure that climate literacy courses are available to all OSU students. 


  • Creation of a repository for climate change course materials open to all OSU faculty. 
  • Creation of a free, transcript visible Sustainability Certificate available to all OSU students.
  • Creation of a small grants program for graduate and honors students to work on projects that will help OSU become carbon neutral.

Communication and Reporting Workgroup

The Communication and Reporting Workgroup facilitates, produces, and distributes information and active engagement opportunities for the OSU Community and beyond. This working group is exploring tools to engage the OSU community and market the carbon-reduction message.


  • Dissemination of Committee's actions through existing newsletters and blogs.
  • Submissions of feature stories in existing vehicles such as Life@ OSU, OSU Today, etc. 
  • Planning of talks/forums on carbon reduction.
  • Creation of information packets for students and faculty. 

Get Involved with the Ad Hoc Committee on the Carbon Commitment (C3)!

A representative from each apportionment unit has a seat in the Committee. Knowing your representative is the easiest way to get involved. Your representative can bring information from your unit to the committee, and they can also bring information back to the unit for sharing and discussion. 

Committee meetings are open to the public and faculty, staff, students, and administrators are welcome to attend.

If you would like to sign up to receive updates about events and activities the Committee is putting together, please fill out this form.

If you would like to participate in one of the workgroups, please email the Sustainability Office. Committee membership is not required to participate in the workgroups. 

We invite participation by all. 

2019 Membership

Amy Bourne, Business

Beth Filar Williams, Libraries

Brandon Trelstad, Sustainability Office

Chris Kulah, SEIU

Cinamon Moffett, HMSC

Ed Dever, CEOAS

Gary Miller, Pharmacy

Jacob Putney, Extension

Jeff Gautschi, OSU Cascades

Jillian Gregg, Agriculture Sciences

Jon Dorbolo, Faculty Senate Executive Committee



Keith Jayawickrama, Forestry

Kim Hannigan-Downs, Public Health

Leela Magdaleno, Student Affairs

Lety Cavazos, Sustainability Office

Marlys Amundson, OSU Foundation

Marriane Vydra, Athletics

Qinglai  Meng, Liberal Arts

Roberto Albertani, Engineering

Shelly Signs, Associated Faculty

Tess Collins, Veterinary Medicine