There are many ways to get involved with sustainability at OSU! We have provided resources for students, faculty and staff, and visitors to learn more about OSU's sustainability goals and ways to participate. One way to start is to calculate your carbon footprint with the Sustainability Office's Carbon Calculator!

Green Certifications

The three green certification systems provide the OSU community with simple yet effective methods to further its sustainability efforts and gain recognition for its hard work. Each certification utilizes online Qualtrics surveys to assess existing office, lab, and Greek life practices in areas such as energy, water, waste management, purchasing, transportation, and outreach. Learn more about the three green certifications here.


Student participation in campus development, research, events and policy enriches the student experience and helps OSU achieve excellence in best practices and academics. There are many ways students can get involved with Sustainability at OSU, including various clubs and organizations, Eco-Reps, and more! Please visit the links below to learn more.

Faculty and Staff

Oregon State University employees have a valuable impact on the OSU community. Employees can serve as sustainability contacts within their campus units through the Sustainability Advocates program, get to know the Committee on the OSU Carbon Commitment and more!


OSU has been recognized by numerous organizations for its commitment to sustainability. While visiting OSU, there are many ways to access sustainability features on campus. Various guides, such as the Self-guided Sustainability Tour and the Rain Water Resource Guide, provide additional information about OSU's sustainability features and where to find them.

For all information related to visitors and sustainability, please click here.

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