Interested in getting involved with sustainability as an OSU employee? Check out the engagement and professional development opportunities listed below! 

Engagement Opportunities

Listed below are a few sustainability engagement opportunities available for faculty and staff. 

  • Join the Sustainability Advocates program

    • The OSU Sustainability Advocates program allows employees to serve as sustainability contacts within their campus units. Advocates share information and training opportunities, network with peers, and promote sustainability-related events to their units and to students. Being an Advocate is a fun way to engage in a community of employees who are informed of and provide feedback on sustainability-related programs, keeping their unit connected to the OSU Sustainability Office

  • Get involved with the Carbon Commitment Committee

    • The Faculty Senate Carbon Commitment Committee advocates for OSU to meet the goals of the Carbon Commitment signed by President Ed Ray in 2007 and promotes lasting changes to policies affecting OSU's carbon footprint. The Committee supports the OSU Sustainability Office in furthering the objectives of the Carbon Commitment; seeks to motivate faculty, staff, and students to contribute to the carbon reduction mission; and helps develop recommendations for achieving carbon neutrality. Committee meetings are open to the public. Fill out this form to receive updates about events and activities from the Committee and email the Sustainability Office to get involved with the Committee's workgroups. You don't need to be an appointed member to join a workgroup!

  • Sign up for the Sustainability Office Newsletter

    • The twice-monthly newsletter shares sustainability updates, events, resources, and more with OSU faculty, staff, and students, as well as Corvallis community members. Some of the topics covered include:

      • Major milestones in advancing institutional sustainability, such as implementing OSU's Path to Carbon Neutrality
      • Case studies and success stories from across campus and beyond
      • Awards and recognition the university receives
      • Sustainability resources and opportunities for employees, students and community members.
    • We keep the newsletter concise and carefully managed. Sign up today!

Professional Development

Listed below are a few professional development opportunities available for faculty, staff and students.

  • Washington and Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC)
    • WOHESC is an event organized by Pacific Northwest higher education institutions to inspire change, facilitate action, and promote collaboration around sustainability and social justice within the region. The conference includes educational sessions, speaker panels, meetups, and networking that empower participants to advance action and create change. OSU employees and students are highly encouraged to participate in this exciting professional development opportunity. Funding or discount codes may be available! Contact the OSU Sustainability Office for more information. 


  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) resources
    • As an institutional member of AASHE, OSU employees and students have member-only access to AASHE benefits and resources, including exclusive networking and professional development.