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Since 2010, OSU's Sustainability Advocates program has provided ways for employees to serve as sustainability contacts within their campus units.  Advocates share information and training opportunities, network with peers, and promote sustainability-related actions and events to their units and to students. 

Being an Advocate is a fun way to get engaged in a community of employee peers who are informed of and provide feedback on sustainability related programs.

Advocates are asked to attend at least two quarterly gatherings per year (lunch provided) with brief presentations and casual, facilitated discussions on sustainability related issues like student engagement, policy development and sustainability assessment.  Advocates also help connect their unit with the OSU Sustainability Office.

And we need your help!

Check below to see if your campus unit is listed.  If not, or if your Advocate has moved on, contact us about becoming a Sustainability Advocate! You may also suggest someone else to serve and we can reach out to them.

Sample meeting agenda

Winter 2020

Advocates List

Last Name First Name Dept./Unit Building Contact
Adams Terry College of Education Furman Hall Email, 541-737-5956
Anderson Chris University Housing & Dining Services West Dining Center 541-737-3058
Bergh Casey Facilities at OSU-Cascades OSU-Cascades Email; 541-322-2036
Bronstein Sarah Transportation Services Western Building Email
Castro Libia Marqueza Community Engagement & Leadership Student Experience Center Email
Comus Quentin OSU-Cascades Career Development Center OSU-Cascades Email; 971-264-4309
Cotilla-Sanchez Eduardo Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Kelley Engineering Center Email
Dickson Dave Research Office/OCCD Kerr Administration Email; 541-737-3450
Filar Williams Beth User Experience Research Librarian Valley Library Email; 541-737-2156
Fradella Joe Civil and Construction Engineering Management Program Kearney Hall Email
Friedrichsen Lucas Community Network Valley Library  
Gaid Dawn Marie College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Wilkinson Hall Email
Gazeley Piper OSU Alumni Association CH2M Hill Alumni Center Email; 541-737-7869
Gerkey Drew Anthropology Waldo Hall Email
Gordon Jana College of Veterinary Medicine Magruder Hall Email
Jones Megan Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences Nash Hall Email
Kleven Julia OSU Foundation OSU Foundation Email
Kloos Missy College of Education, Student Services Furman Hall Email; 541-737-4841
Kolesar Sarah Sea Grant University Plaza  
Kreft Brian University Housing & Dining Services UHDS Maintenance Center Email; 541-737-1440
Kyllo Sarah College of Engineering Office of Student Services Johnson Hall Email; 541-737-0010
Lafon Travis Facilities Services Western Shops Building Email; 541-737-3138
Lancelin Rebekah Honors College Learning Innovation Center Email
Langley Brenda Pacific Marine Energy Center Strand Agriculture Hall Email; 541-737-4390
Matteson Jonna Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center Student Experience Center Email; 541-737-9220
Norris Andrea Basic Needs Center Champinefu Lodge Email; 541-737-5398
Norris-Sanchez Carrie Career Development Center Kerr Administration Email
Poggensee Jason Recreational Sports Dixon Recreation Center Email; 541-737-6806
Rochefort Skip School of Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering Gleeson Hall  
Roesch-McNally Gabrielle School of Public Policy; USDA Northwest Climate Hub Bexell Hall Email
Sanchez Christopher School of Psychological Science Reed Email
Schoppy Irene College of Forestry, Forest Ecosystems & Society Richardson Hall Email
Signs Shelly University Events/University Relations & Marketing Kerr Administration  
Smith Kaylee Materials Management/Campus Recycling Property Services Building Email
Stonebrook Shelley Spring Creek Project Ballard Hall Email; 541-737-4780
Townsend Kimberly Crop and Soil Science Crop and Soil Science Email
Whitebear Luhui Diversity & Cultural Engagement Native American Longhouse Eena Haws Email; 541-737-9036
Womack John College of Business Austin Hall Email, 541-737-6057

Updated Feb. 13, 2024

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