This page was created by the Sustainability Office to introduce new employees to sustainability programs at OSU and share some ways to get involved.

Did you know that Oregon State University has consistently earned gold-level STARS rating for its sustainability efforts? Sustainability is central to the university's culture and mission, fitting in with that of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. From a diverse selection of sustainability-focused student clubs and organizations to cutting-edge research, OSU has built its community around sustainability. Most recently, the university has adopted a Path to Carbon Neutrality to guide our carbon reduction strategies going forward - this includes prioritizing energy efficiency, emphasizing renewable energy, and eliminating the use of natural gas. 

Getting Started!

Listed below are several sustainability areas at OSU that we recommend becoming familiar with. 

  • Sustainability features around campus
  • Waste reduction, compost, and recycling
    • Oregon State started recycling materials in 1970. Today, Campus Recycling and Surplus Property (together, Materials Management) coordinate a comprehensive waste management system that focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling, with disposal as a last resort. Check out what can be recycled on campus here and Campus Recycling services here, including Department Composting
  • Transportation
  • Staying up-to-date and getting involved
    • Top 3 suggestions: 
      • Sign up for the Sustainability Office newsletter here to discover upcoming sustainability-related events, opportunities, and more. 
      • Check out the Sustainability Advocates program - a great way to connect with a community of employee peers who are informed of and provide feedback on sustainability-related programs!
      • Calculate your Carbon Footprint using an OSU-specific tool to learn more about your individual impact.
    • Other suggestions: 
      • Follow @osusustainable on Instagram and Facebook. 
      • Check out the Green Certifications program. This allows offices, labs, and Greek organizations to receive recognition for excellent work in advancing environmental and social sustainability. 
      • Bookmark the Sustainability Events page on the OSU Events Calendar. 
      • Follow our Sustainability Tips for OSU employees and students, whether you're at home, on campus, or in the office. 

Other Orientation Resources

University Human Resources has developed an onboarding guide and orientation essentials to help OSU employees get connected to services, organizations, engagement opportunities, and information about university employment.