Are you an OSU student living in a residence hall, or do you plan to live in one next year?

Are you interested in getting involved in sustainability at OSU and working with a cohort of peers to develop great leadership skills? Then look no further than the OSU Eco-Representative program!

Eco-Reps began at Oregon State in fall 2012, helping move the OSU campus and student experience forward with sustainability content and programming. Eco-Reps are responsible for encouraging a culture of sustainability in the residence halls in which they live. They educate residents about sustainable lifestyles and resources, assist with marketing and outreach, and plan and execute sustainability-focused events. They also maintain their hall's composting program.

In the academic year 2021-2022, the Eco-Reps reached people an amazing 14,094 times! 

For program details, please see the FY22 Program Summary.

Meet your 2021-2022 eco-reps!

Elice Wright (Buxton/Hawley): Elice is a second-year international student from the UK studying Environmental Sciences. She is passionate about environmental issues and being an Eco-Rep has allowed her to connect with like-minded people and help make a difference at OSU. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and surfing.

Justin Foster (Callahan): Justin is a fourth year student studying Political Science with an option in Environmental and Energy Politics. He is passionate about sustainability and hopes to one day be involved in the fight against climate change on a national and international level. For the time being, he enjoys working as an Eco-Rep on local sustainability projects like the Kilowatt Crackdown and various recycling initiatives.

Marie Schlaf (ILLC): Marie is a first-year Marine Biology student from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her hobbies include snowboarding, music, and spending time with friends. Her favorite thing about being an Eco-Rep has been meeting new people and providing education in regards to sustainability.

Avery Mcdowell (Poling): Avery is a first-year majoring in Apparel Design and Sustainability. She loves being an Eco-Rep because she gets to meet a lot of new people on campus. On the weekends, you can find her roller-skating with friends, paddle boarding the Willamette, or settling in with a good book. 

Ava Wright (Sackett): Ava is a second-year student pursuing degrees in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability, with a minor in Natural Resources. Ava's favorite part about being an Eco-Rep has been organizing the composting program in her hall. As the Digital Media Marketing & Outreach Intern for the Sustainability Office, Ava also manages the social media presence, Green Certifications, event outreach, the Ecologue blog, the bi-weekly Sustainability newsletter, and partnerships with Campus Recycling, CEL, and other university departments and organizations.

Emma Russu (Weatherford): Emma is a second-year Biology major with an option in Ecology. She is interested in sustainability and learning more about climate change, and hopes to go into a career focused on helping the Earth and reducing our impact on it. Emma became an Eco-Rep because she thought it would be a good way to get some hands-on experience in sustainability and make a difference in her residence hall. And it was! She loves being an Eco-Rep.

Summer Wong (West): Summer is a first-year student from Maui, Hawai’i pursuing a BA in Political Science and a BS in Sustainability, with a minor in German. She is passionate about environmental justice and public policy and hopes to go to law school in the future. Summer loves being an Eco-Rep because she gets to meet and work with lots of new people and lead sustainability initiatives within her community! 

Let's get energized about Kilowatt Crackdown! 

Kilowatt Crackdown is an annual energy-saving competition between the residence halls, hosted by the Eco-Reps! Each week of the competition, there is a new theme to help guide energy reduction. 

Week 1: Lighting
Week 2: Community spaces (lounges, kitchens)
Week 3: Laundry 
Week 4: Unplug

The winning residence hall will have the greatest reduction in energy use during spring term compared to winter term. Be on the lookout for tips and reminders from your Eco-Rep, such as using natural light when possible, only running efficient loads of laundry, and unplugging devices that are not in use. Also, check out the Sustainability Office Tips webpage for dorm-specific sustainability tips, including a downloadable poster (coming soon!). 

View the Kilowatt Crackdown leaderboard here

What is an Eco-Rep?