The Green Labs Certification

Whether a laboratory contains chemicals, computers or almost anything in between, there is something in the Green Labs Certification for just about everyone! The Certification measures sustainability, provides guidance for improvement and recognizes the hard work of OSU lab managers and workers. Green Labs Certification is open to all labs across OSU campuses throughout the state. 

Fun Facts

  • Did you know Oregon State University is one of only two institutions in the United States with land, sea, sun, AND space grant designations? 
  • OSU receives more research funding than all other universities in Oregon!
  • Lab space is typically the most energy and resource intensive type of space on campus and has a very large carbon footprint. 
  • One standard sized fume hood uses the same amount of energy as a typical home in the US. You can help by closing those fume hood sashes!
  • Of the 10 million square feet of building space at OSU, over 4 million is designated lab space. WOW!

The goal of the certification is to raise awareness about sustainability options for labs and provide personalized feedback and resources to create a cleaner and greener research community.


  • Education & Engagement
  • Energy
  • Purchasing
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management
  • Water

Recognition Levels

  • Platinum (Pt): 80+%
  • Gold (Au): 70-79%
  • Silver (Ag): 60-69%
  • Copper (Cu): 50-59%

Green Labs Resources & Tips

The Resources and Tips page supports the survey itself and contains information and definitions used in the Certification.

The page includes FAQs, resources relating to the six categories, and other outside sources to provide everything you need to reduce your office footprint and fill out the survey!

To get started please contact us for your survey link!

We'll have a unique link for you, typically within 48 hours.

If you want a preview, or to get started early, view a Word document of the survey questions here

If you have any questions, please e-mail us!

Certified Labs

None yet!

Unit Certification Date Score
Arismendi Lab January 11, 2022 71%
Goni Lab August 25, 2020 72%


None yet!

Unit Certification Date Score
PMEL Helium Isotope Lab August 25, 2020 57%
Geomicrobiology Lab August 25, 2020 57%


Certification History

The Green Labs Certification started as a senior thesis by Honors College student Sally Albright, Class of 2019. The Sustainability Office then adopted and implemented the certification, and administers it today. Read Sally's thesis here!  

Sally also starred in a science podcast explaining the role of the Green Lab Certification in making OSU more sustainable. Check out the podcast below!