In 1972, students lobbied OSU administrators to create a park space at the site of a recently demolished administration building. Beginning in 2002, the construction of Kelley Engineering Center prompted the relocation of the park to its current location just west of Gilkey Hall.

The Student Sustainability Initiative in 2007 funded a landscape plan that incorporated input from students and community members gathered between 2002 and 2007, and also built on the wishes of students since 1972. Recurring themes have influenced the park's design:

  • Creating a safe, but set-aside place for quiet contemplation.
  • Specifying and locating plants that will look good year-round but have low irrigation requirements.
  • Adding low-key, informative markers so that park visitors learn how sustainable landscapes can also be beautiful.
  • Choosing plants that that attract birds, butterflies and beneficial insects so that pesticides will not be needed.
  • Specifying local construction materials and their sources.

Construction began in October 2010 with the hardscape features completed that month. Planting took place in the spring and was completed in summer of 2011.

Site Plan




In the fall of 2011, artist Patrick Dougherty was hired to create one of his renowned stickwork sculptures that have been installed all over the world. Titled "Pomp and Circumstance," the project was completed in October and has brought natural charm and magnificence to the park ever since.


Stickwork Sculpture - Finished

The large willow stick sculpture was removed in June of 2015. Expected to decay over time, the sculpture held up much longer than expected, but parts of it began to sag, and it became a potential hazard.