In fall 2015, the OSU Sustainability Office convened discussions regarding updating OSU's 2009 Climate Plan.  Much has changed since 2009 when OSU created its first strategic planning documents to address institutional carbon emissions and the education and research activities around climate issues.  Recognizing that more urgent action is imperative, OSU is currently reworking its carbon plan and creating a new, distributed framework for action that more closely mirrors the culture and decision making processes within the university.

This extensive update will reflect the decentralized nature of the institution, as well as the process differences that exist across campus units.  One major goal is to inspire action through process ownership at the college and division level. 

Led by the Sustainability Office and the OSU Policy Analysis Laboratory, a working group of stakeholders emerged and began meeting regularly in early 2016 with a goal of producing documents for OSU leadership review in summer 2016.

The Carbon Planning Steering Committee
  • Brandon Trelstad, OSU Sustainability Officer*
  • Erika Allen Wolters, Director, OSU Policy Analysis Laboratory (OPAL), School of Public Policy*
  • Sally Duncan, Director (retired), OSU Policy Analysis Laboratory (OPAL)*
  • Rick Colwell, Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences*
  • Ann Scheerer, PhD, Sustainability Double Degree*
  • Court Smith, Emeritus Professor, School of Language, Culture, and Society*
  • Sarah Boege, Graduate Student, Master of Public Policy
  • Stephen Naimoli, Graduate Student, Master of Public Policy, OPAL project liaison
  • Shawn Williams, Undergraduate Student, College of Agricultural Sciences, Sustainability Double Degree
  • Logan Adams, Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering and International Studies, University Honors College
  • Carter Frantz-Geddes, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science and Student Sutainability Initiative staff

*Carbon Planning Core Team members

Current subcommittees include Plan Narrative; Strategy and Action Selection; and Engagement and Outreach

Additional contributors

  • Saul Boulanger, Senior, College of Liberal Arts
  • Carly Curin, Graduate Student, Master of Public Policy
  • Nathan Davis, Graduate Student, Master of Public Policy
  • Jynwaye Foo, Media Coordinator, Student Sustainability Initiative and Student, Environmental Science
  • Rima Reves, Library Technician, Circulation/LEAD, OSU Libraries and Press
  • Amanda Rhodes, Senior, Family and Community Health
  • Inara K. Scott, Assistant Professor, College of Business
  • Graham Shaw, Transportation Coordinator, Student Sustainability Initiative
  • Chloe Stewart, Sophomore, Environmental Science, French minor, Freelance Writer

To get involved, please contact Brandon.