There are many ways for students to get involved with sustainability at OSU. Students are the University's largest constituent group. Student participation in campus development, research, events and policy enriches the student experience and helps OSU achieve excellence in best practices and academics. 

The Student Sustainability Initiative(SSI) is a great place to start when looking for sustainability involvement on campus; they are a student-coordinated program which focuses on a holistic vision of sustainability & works to advance student efforts to create a culture of sustainability at OSU.

Along with that, there are several clubs on campus relating to sustainability topics that are available for anyone to join. Use the catagory filter "Environment and Sustainability" within the club link to find a wide variety of sustainability-related clubs.

Along with volunteering, there are also many employment opportunities within sustainability on campus. Both SSI and The Sustainability Office typically employ a range of student workers including those in our Eco-Reps program.  The Eco-Reps program is for students living in the residence halls on campus, as they are involved with encouraging a culture of sustainability in the res halls.