Checks are printed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Requests for check pickup will be held to a minimum and require justification (PU is no longer valid).

Checks issued by Payables show;

    1. Check Date
    2. Check Number
    3. Vendor Name, Vendor Address
    4. Payment Amount

All checks have a stub attached which show;

      1. Check Number
      2. Vendor Invoice Number (as input by Banner user)
      3. Invoice Date (as input by Banner user)
      4. Banner Document Number
      5. Invoice Amount in US Dollars (as input by Banner user)

Checks including payment for more than one invoice will have the above information listed separately for each invoice followed by the total check amount.
The above information can be viewed in Banner (FOIDOCH)

To avoid human error it is extremely important for Banner users to follow the given guidelines when requesting a check attached to paperwork (CTA)
In Banner:

      1. Document indicator needs to be changed from "M" (many) to "1" (one). Changing the document indicator does two things. It places the payment at the beginning of the check run and pays only one invoice per check.
      2. Vendor Invoice Field needs to indicate that paperwork is to be sent with the check... enter "CTA" (check to attachment) followed by vendor invoice number or other relevant information. Remember, Banner looks for exact matches in this field so variations such as spaces or symbols may need to be used after "CTA".

Send to Payables

    1. Original Payment Request Form indicating "CTA" payment, this is kept on file in Payables
    2. Copy of Payment Request Form, this is mailed with payment to the vendor in case any questions arise regarding the payment.
    3. Original attachments, these are kept on file in Payables
    4. Copy of attachments, these are mailed with payment to the vendor