TRES - Travel Reimbursement Entry System is used to request reimbursement of travel expenses.  TRES brings in the current travel per diems based on location and current mileage rates.  Employees can fill this form out themselves or have their department assist (Travel Coordinator) in filling out the form.  TRES is able to be pushed into the Banner system by a Travel Administrator.


Training is required for Travel Administrators that create invoices and Travel Coordinators that enter travel on behalf of others using the Travel Reimbursement Entry System (TRES). If you are a traveler entering travel for yourself only, you can also go through the training to learn more about using TRES. 

This training consists of a video, guide, and test:

  • The video gives an overview of entering a travel reimbursement as a traveler, travel coordinator, or travel administrator. 
  • The guide contains step by step instructions for entering travel reimbursements in TRES as well as links to relevant policies.
  • The test is designed to ensure proficiency in entering travel reimbursements as well as finding and applying travel policy.

If you are needing access to create TRES documents on behalf of others (Coordinator) or complete a TRES and push it into Banner (Administrator), staff members will need to take a test and submit an access form.


The test is delivered through Canvas.  Please register for Banner FIS TRES training here to access the test.  The test is required for Travel Administrators and Travel Coordinators.


TRES access will need to be granted by Information Service - Enterprise Computing Services (ECS) by filling out the "Request for Access" form. 

  • Travel Coordinators normally work at the Department/Unit level, will input TRES documents on behalf of others within their unit and will transfer these documents to their Business Center.
  • Travel Administrators normally work in the Business Center and are responsible for pushing the TRES document into FIS Banner for invoicing.

User Information:

Note: please select the appropriate video for you role.  The TRES Training Practice Instructions document show the details of the travel reimbursement being entered.

Banner FIS TRES - Traveler Video

Banner FIS TRES - Travel Coordinator Video

Banner FIS TRES - Travel Administrator Video

TRES User Guide

TRES Training Practice Instructions

TRES DocuSign Sender Instructions