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The OSU Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a long-range planning effort that will identify transportation issues on the Corvallis campus and guide transportation policy choices and system development over the next ten years with the goal of providing students, employees, visitors and community members a range of transportation options on the Corvallis campus. The overarching goals for the Transportation Plan are:

  1. Provide Access for All - Inclusive design will be a continued focus of all new projects and renovations of existing facilities.
  2. A Vibrant, Walkable Campus - Corvallis campus will continue to be compact, efficient, vibrant, walkable and bikeable, now and in the future.
  3. Sustain the Living Campus - Whenever possible, reuse, maintain and adapt existing infrastructure and support low impact transportation options.
  4. Integrate Development and Change with the Community - Move towards common goals with the city and county to promote efficiency and connectivity in improvements.


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Planning study


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Friday, May 25, 2018

Timeline for Transportation Plan

Spring 2018 (March – May)

  • Prepare existing conditions document (multi-modal)
  • Detail goals and objectives
  • Future alternatives development

Summer 2018 (June – August)

  • Performance measures and thresholds for defining needs and assessing impacts
  • Develop Transportation Plan document

Early Fall 2018 – (September)

  • OSU review of draft plan
  • Finalize plan

Download draft restricted core options

Draft Maps

Download draft long-term pedestrian network map 


Download draft long-term bicycle network map 

Download the draft long-term auto system map