Travel FAQ's related to COVID-19 have been posted on the COVID-19 home page.

CARE Teams

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Human Resources 

Please send an email to the appropriate address:

For Recruitment needs (Recruitment postings, search committee guidance)

For Employee Lifecycle needs (Any changes related to current OSU employees)

For Student Employment needs

Additional Information

  • The OSU relocation payment process has been updated effective 7-1-19. If you have questions please email UABC Payroll.
  • BennyBuy (eProcurement) is now online. For more information contact your CARE team. Visit the BennyBuy site for further resources.
  • All BennyBuy access request forms are now completed by departments through an electronic form, which can be initiated by clicking the “Request BennyBuy Access” button on the eProcurement Website. Please contact us at for questions. 
  • UABC asks you to use the following naming convention when inserting the trip ID in a TRES document: Use up to nine characters to indicate the trip location followed by the six digit date of the start of the trip (e.g. WashingDC021319).
  • UABC's airfare coordinator is Maria Davila-Ash. If you need any changes to your Airfare Approvers please contact Maria directly.
  • Tiffany Gillis has accepted the position of Fiscal Officer for the Division of Outreach and Engagement. We have created an outline of the roles and responsibilities of the O&E Fiscal Officer and UABC.
  • Notary Services will be temporarily unavailable until UABC resumes regular office hours.

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Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline

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