Student Employee InfoWelcome to the University Administrative Business Center. There are great opportunities for students seeking on and off campus employment. Our goal is that you enjoy your employment at OSU and that this employment experience helps you grow and learn as you strive to achieve your goals and future potential.

Tools for Students and Supervisors

Employment manuals
How to apply for jobs
How to post a job
How to screen applicants and make an offer

Student Application Pool

The UABC assists the units we service in the recruitment of student employees. We maintain a student application pool for positions in three different categories: Clerical/Office, IT, and Tutoring. The applications are kept on file in the UABC student application pool for one full term. Students must reapply each term.

When a department requests applications from the UABC student application pool for one of the three categories of employment, we send the appropriate applications to them. The department supervisor will contact the student if he/she requests an interview. Departments are responsible for notifying students of their selection after the interview stage.

Your Role as a Student Employee

Hiring Paperwork

A. After you are hired as a student employee, you will work with your supervisor to complete the Student Employment Form and New Hire Form(s).

B. When all form(s) are completed, bring documents to the UABC Human Resources Wlcome Center located at University Plaza, 1600 SW Western Blvd, Suite 175 for processing.

C. Remember to bring a valid form of picture ID.

D. If you selected to have your payroll checks direct deposited, a voided check or savings slip must also be submitted at this time.

Note: You are NOT eligible to begin work until all hiring forms and documents have been received in the UABC Student Office.

Working Hours

Once hired into a student position at OSU, you will work with your department supervisor to arrange your work schedule. The Supervisor is responsible for developing a working schedule that best fits your class schedule and the needs of the department.


Student employees are responsible for submitting completed, monthly, signed timesheets to their supervisor for approval before or by the 15th of each month. Student work periods are from the 16th of one month through the 15th of the following month. Payday is the last working day of each month. 

If you have elected to have your paycheck direct deposited, the first check is processed as a manual check and sent to your department. The second check will begin to be direct deposited.

Student employees who have not selected direct deposit will either pick up their paychecks at their department or on the first floor of Kerr Administration Building, at the Payroll Office Window, #17.


Below is a list of helpful resources that may be useful to you as you search, apply for, or as you are a student employee at OSU.

  • Career Services: Provides students information about career fairs, open student jobs at OSU, and job search tools.
  • Current Students: General information for OSU students and links to a variety of Administrative Offices on campus.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): This is a law that protects the student’s educational and financial records of the University.
  • Social Security Card:  Information about the nearest Social Security office located in Albany, Oregon.
  • Student Eligibility: This page shows what a student needs to be eligible for work-study and regular student employment at OSU.
  • Student Employment Manual: The student employment manual provides a variety of very useful information to all student employees and provides detailed information about employment at OSU, rights and responsibilities of employees and your employer, work schedule limitations, etc. 
  • Student Pay Rates: Provides a chart showing student classifications and the approved pay ranges with each.