Student Employee InfoWelcome to the University Administrative Business Center. There are great opportunities for students seeking on and off campus employment. Our goal is that you enjoy your employment at OSU and that this employment experience helps you grow and learn as you strive to achieve your goals and future potential.

Student Employment Update for Supervisors

There is now a dedicated Student Employment team that will serve all of your student employment needs. This team is located in the University Plaza Employment Center, 1600 SW Western Blvd Suite 150.

Please contact for any student employment items, including but not limited to:

  • Student recruitments
  • Student hiring/terminations
  • Supervisor updates
  • Pay changes

Our student process has gone 100% paperless, as we are using DocuSign.

We need your assistance in order for this to be effective, please send all completed SERFs in to The student employment team will then review student eligibility and send out the following via DocuSign directly to the student:

  1. Any required new hire forms
  2. Any required CHC or DMV release forms
  3. Information requesting them to visit University Plaza 150 with their acceptable I-9 documents

Once the student has completed the above steps, and if necessary the CHC/DMV has come back satisfactory, you will receive a cleared to work email from the student employment team with the students position information. This email is sent to the supervisor listed on the SERF, if there is another contact you wish to be included on this email please indicate that in the email in which the SERF is sent in.

As a reminder students CANNOT begin working until they have been cleared by the student employment team.

Tools for Students and Supervisors

Your Role as a Student Employee

A. After you are hired as a student employee, your supervisor will work with the student employment team and send out the required new hire documents via DocuSign and additional required steps to your ONID email account.

Note: You are NOT eligible to begin work until you have been cleared for work by the student employment team.

B. Student employees are responsible for submitting completed, monthly, signed timesheets to their supervisor for approval before or by the 15th of each month. Student work periods are from the 16th of one month through the 15th of the following month. Payday is the last working day of each month.

C. Your first paycheck will be available at the Payroll Window located in the Kerr Administration Building. If you wish to set up direct deposit, you may do so using DUO located on the Online Services located on my OSU or there are payroll kiosks available across from the Payroll Window

D. Once hired into a student position at OSU, you will work with your department supervisor to arrange your work schedule. The Supervisor is responsible for developing a working schedule that best fits your class schedule and the needs of the department.

Note: If you hold more than one job at OSU, scheduled work hours for all jobs combined must not exceed the maximum allowable hours of 20 hours per week.


Social Security Card - Link to the Social Security Administration web site.

Student Pay Rates: Here is the 7/1/2018 chart.