The Campus Planning Committee (CPC) is an advisory committee that provides oversight for the physical development of the Oregon State University main campus.  The CPC reports to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and makes recommendations on issues related to campus development.  The committee meets quarterly and consists of fifteen (15) to twenty (20) voting members, broadly representing a variety of campus stakeholders, as well as one non-voting representative from the City of Corvallis and one non-voting representative from the surrounding community. Campus departments and positions included in membership are: Academic Affairs, ASOSU, Athletics, Campus Planning Manager, Director of Facilities Services, Faculty Senate President, Faculty Senate Past-President, Faculty Senate President-elect, Memorial Union, Equal Opportunity & Access, OSU Foundation, Recreational Sports, University Housing and Dining, and up to five (5) faculty/staff at-large members.

The CPC makes recommendations on a variety of development-related issues and concerns that include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of plans and policies that guide the physical development of campus (i.e. Campus Master Plan, Campus Sign Plan)
  • Review of proposed new campus buildings and facilities for compatibility with the existing development, consistency with adopted plans, and alignment with the OSU Capital Forecast
  • Review of proposals that make significant exterior modifications to existing buildings and facilities (such as additions and demolitions) for consistency with adopted plans and compatibility with existing development
  • Review of proposed exterior changes to the physical environment to maximize compatibility and conformance with OSU’s strategic direction and Campus Master Plan
  • Recommendations concerning amendments to planning documents that are determined necessary based on changing needs, changing conditions, or new information 

CPC Bylaws

CPC Meeting Minutes and Decisions