Message from the Vice President 


November 18, 2022

DFA colleagues,

With fall term, students arrived back on campus and we turned back the clocks, and we experienced some very wet, cold, and dark days. But as it dried out and the sun returned, we also saw the return of the Annual Facilities Services Chili Cook-off for its 12th year.

The pandemic meant a pause of the event for a few years, but I am pleased it could be held again. The group congregated in the newly-completed training room in the Western Building, which was unofficially (for this event) named after long-time director Joe Majeski. (Still looking for the check Joe, lol.)

Guests included folks from administration, project delivery, accounting, planning, and transportation, and we enjoyed a lot of great conversation and camaraderie. After everyone had sampled  the twelve different chilis, and after much deliberation—and some lobbying—votes were cast. And, after counting of some hanging chads and assessing the under/overvotes, the winner of this year’s best chili was Ted Simpson from the Landscape Management department. Not only has Ted won the contest a record number of times, making him some kind of chili legend, he is also, in my experience, the best lawn-mowing coach around. Unfortunately, Ted is not willing to share this year’s winning recipe.  (pictured: Joe Majeski presenting the trophy to Ted Simpson)

We’re just about halfway through the fiscal year, and I’m excited about the strategic priorities DFA teams are working on. We’re continuing to develop the Framework for Success and the metrics that serve as a pathway to achieving those strategic priorities and strengthening our core operations. Over the second half of the year, we’ll practice incorporating the Framework elements into our day-to-day work.

I’m also excited that we will have a DEI action plan in place as we start the new calendar year. Together, we will stand up a new DEI Advancement Committee to help keep our division focused on diversity, equity and inclusion responsibilities and assist the division in meeting its action plan goals. Look for a call for volunteers coming soon.

Please join me in welcoming a couple of new members of the division’s Extended Leadership Team. Monika Watkins began as OSU’s director of capital project delivery in early October. She comes to OSU with over five years in a similar position with the Saint Paul (Minnesota) Public School District, and over 25 years in the architecture field. Later in October, Polly Harrell began as the director of business architecture for DFA IT. She brings to DFA IT a wealth of experience managing strategic projects and programs for University Information Technology. This new role will partner closely with the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Office (EPPMO), the UIT project management office, and UIT business analysts to develop consistent practices that support DFA’s strategic goals.

As we enter the holiday season, I want to thank the entire DFA team for your hard work and dedication. If you know of an outstanding colleague in the division who exceeded your expectations, use the DFA Hurray! system to send a quick note of gratitude. When you do, they will receive a thank you email from the Office of the Vice President, with copies to their supervisor and the senior leader for their unit. DFA Hurray! recipients are entered into a monthly drawing for a fun Beaver-themed prize.

Read on for more about what’s happening around the Division of Finance and Administration this fall. I look forward to seeing everyone at the DFA All Winter Celebration on Dec. 15.

Fall 2022 News from DFA Units

Kudos (noun): /ˈk(y)o͞oˌdäs,ˈk(y)o͞oˌdōs/  - praise and honor received for an achievement

From time to time, our campus partners are so impressed by the work of people in the DFA that they reach out to the leadership team to give a shout-out about their excellent experience. Sometimes the stories are about big, multi-faceted projects, sometimes they are about our more everyday work, but they always involve someone exceeding expectations. We’re sharing these stories of how your division colleagues are putting our DFA guiding principles into action. 

Ben Wessel


Ben Wessel, Senior Director of DFA Information Technology – The vice provost for information and technology took time to highlight the extra time and effort Ben has contributed to the university’s IT environment over the last two years. She called him a “rock star,” saying Ben has been “instrumental in our ability to measure progress.”

Ben exemplifies the way proactive stewardship of resources in alignment with OSU’s strategic plan can help ensure the long-term success of the university. Keep it up, Ben!


Nehemias Esteban

 BreAnna Rae

Emma Welborn


Nehemias Esteban, BreAnna Rae, Emma Welborn of the UHR Undergraduate Student Employment Team – The assistant vice provost for assessment and accreditation commended the Undergraduate Student Employment team for their “guidance, professionalism and responsiveness” during a search. They provided “amazing support” and helped recruit a great team member. 

The Student Employment Team illustrates how DFA teams can remove barriers to success and expand access to services when we have clearly defined and integrated policies, standards and processes. Well done, all! 

Maddy Griffin

Maddy Griffin, Benefits Specialist in University Human Resources – A newly hired employee from Canada commended Maddie for going above and beyond to provide extra support related to PEBB health insurance benefits. He said Maddy was “incredibly patient” in answering questions and showed “professionalism and dedication to the work she does.”

Maddy’s example reminds us how DFA employees can improve the satisfaction of OSU community members when they appropriately take on the decision-making power their position holds. Excellent!

Pete Lepre

Pete Schoonover

Pete Lepre and Pete Schoonover, Environmental Health & Safety, Hazardous Waste Program – A senior faculty research assistant emailed leadership to “say 'thanks' for the exemplary service.” He said “The Petes” make dealing with hazardous waste easy and they offer “rapid and cheerful service for removals” which is greatly appreciated.

Pete Lepre and Pete Schoonover show how DFA teams can provide for OSU community members’ success through community safety, support for well-being and respect for all. Great job!

David Horn

Machelle Bamberger


David Horn (Radiation Safety) and Machelle Bamberger, Pete Lepre, Pete Schoonover (Hazardous Waste Program), Environmental Health & Safety – A professor of Integrative Biology shared his gratitude for members of the EH&S team. David Horn went above and beyond to help shut down a lab that had been using radioisotopes for 30 years, making sure no radioactive contamination occurred. Machelle Bamberger was commended for her specialty expertise in complying with federal laws related to research materials. Pete Lepre and Pete Schoonover were thanked for “upping their game” in recent months as labs cleaned out chemical materials, as they made the process “go much smoother than I ever could have imagined.”

David, Machelle, Pete and Pete demonstrate how clear communication and responsive engagement can convey positive intent and respect for all OSU community members. Keep setting a great example, team!

Kudos and thank you to everyone featured this quarter’s update! Your work and attitudes are impressive. We appreciate your care and contributions to the OSU community.

Do you want to help increase student success by working to reduce the strain of food insecurity on OSU students? The DFA Food Insecurity Committee  (FIC) is now accepting volunteer members!

In its first two years, the FIC has researched best practices, compiled current food security resources, developed a presentation for OSU employees, distributed communication tools, led two successful drives for the on-campus food pantry, and more. See an inventory of our accomplishments here.  

To help you consider if you’d like to join, please learn about the committee’s term lengths, structure, and charge in our charter here. Interested in joining us? Please send an email to expressing your interest and a committee member will contact you.

Hello Mid-Valley events build local community –

  University Human Resources and the Office of Institutional Diversity partnered to host the Hello Mid-Valley event in October as a way to build community and connections among employees with diverse identity characteristics. Over 100 people from across the Willamette Valley attended the event at OSU’s LaSells Stewart Center, as reported in a local newspaper.  

This “first of its kind” event series was created to provide a space for community building and networking for employees of color, employees with disabilities and LGBTQ+ employees from throughout the mid-valley. With a particular focus on welcoming employees who are new to the area, the goal is to help people build a sense of belonging in our region. The next “Hello Mid-Valley” event will be held in March at Chemeketa Community College. OSU will continue to play a leading role.


DEI Action Planning Workgroup wraps up – The division’s DEI Action Planning Workgroup is working with the senior leadership team to finalize a slate of actions for fiscal years 2023-2026. The actions will be announced in December. Launched near the end of 2021, the workgroup was charged with recommending a range of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) actions that all DFA units and employees can contribute toward. The workgroup, co-chaired by Tom Fenske (Director of Financial Strategic Services in the Controller’s Unit) and Keahi McFadden (Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President for UFIO), is currently preparing a final report to share with senior leaders and stakeholders. The division is starting a new DEI Advancement Committee in calendar year 2023. Details about how to get involved are coming soon.

OSU recognized as a Top Performer in 2022 Sustainable Campus Index – Oregon State University was recognized once again as a top performer in the 2022 Sustainable Campus Index, as one of just three institutions with a 100% data accuracy rate in our sustainability dataset.  OSU also ranked ninth in the area of Waste Reduction for demonstrating excellence in waste reduction, waste diversion and hazardous waste management. A publication from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), the Sustainable Campus Index recognizes top-performing colleges and universities overall and in 17 impact areas, as measured by the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). Read more here


Learn more about the OSU Solar Trailer (video) –

Interested in learning more about the OSU Solar Trailer? The Sustainability Office has created a new video to highlight the Solar Trailer's features and answer frequently asked questions. The Solar Trailer is available for university and non-university events across the state and provides a quiet, renewable energy supply. Download the Solar Trailer request form here, and if you're on Facebook, track where the Trailer has been and how it's feeling! 


Campus Recycling partners with Beaver Athlete Sustainability Team – OSU home football games now serve their

drinks in bottles and cans, which are then collected by Campus Recycling and hand sorted by student staff. This large influx of materials prompted OSU Athletics to lead a collaborative effort between the Beaver Athlete Sustainability Team and Campus Recycling to help sort the recyclables from the games. Following the football games, about 15 BAST members spent about 4 hours sorting through containers recycled by Beaver fans. Through the first four games, BAST has sorted 67% of all redeemable beverage containers, or about 50,000! As a result, the new fund to create sustainability efforts at OSU athletic events is starting with about $5,000.


Recycling receives Food Waste Reduction grant – Campus Recycling’s Outreach Team received funding from

Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality for their food waste reduction study in spring 2022. Since then, they have conducted their 4-week study with the help of Eco-Reps, student staff who live within residence halls with programming from Materials Management and the Sustainability Office. Fifty campus residents across 13 residence halls tracked all edible food waste and weighed the waste outside of dining halls (leftovers, food prepared in their dorm, etc.). This study’s data has since been processed and is now available upon request. 

Some notable outcomes include: 

  • On-campus residents waste an average of 1.3 pounds of edible food outside of dining halls each week.
  • On average, participants in the study who tracked their edible food waste reduced their waste by 51% over 4 weeks. This is primarily due to the act of tracking their edible food waste (reporting all edible food waste in a food log, and saving edible food scraps wasted in their dorm to be weighed). One behavioral intervention introduced to 30% (15 participants) involved participants taking a pledge to be displayed with their pictures within their res hall lounges. This group had a 65% decrease in average edible food waste over four weeks. 

What’s next? Campus Recycling’s Outreach Team, Eco-Reps (student staff within res halls), and student clubs like ‘The Waste Watchers’ will be implementing these pledges through tabling events on campus. This effort will most likely be paired with food waste education and the relaunch of EcoToGo. If you have any questions, want to see the report, or would like to talk about a potential collaboration, please contact Kaylee Smith with Materials Management.


Reusables return! Partnering with UHDS to reduce single-use foot materials – Campus Recycling’s Outreach Team

is partnering with UHDS on two projects to reduce single-use cups and to-go boxes from cafes and dining halls. 

Some small menu changes at cafes on campus will take place in winter term. Cafe menus will reduce drink prices while creating a charge for single-use cups. This means your discount for bringing in a reusable cup is applied to the listed menu price. Research done by other universities and business who have introduced this small change proves that this charge over discount model created substantial increases in reusable cup usage. 

EcoToGo is set to relaunch in Winter Term! A team of UHDS, Materials Management, and Sustainability Office staff was created conduct a post-pandemic relaunch of this campus-wide program. Student employees, student clubs, and UHDS will be promoting this program to students and emphasizing the importance of returning the containers in a timely manner with little to no food left within it. 


The Great Move Out: Materials Management collects 20,422 pounds – The Materials Management team hosts the

annual Great Move Out to give students a place to donate items they no longer need at the end of the school year. Materials collected include linens, food, furniture, appliances, bikes, clothing, and much more. Materials Management and volunteers collected donations from every res hall and at Benton County Fairgrounds. Once collected, donated items are distributed to local non-profits and charities. 

In the 2022 Great Move Out, Materials Management collected 20,422 total pounds of donated goods. This includes 9,286 pounds of clothing, linens, and shoes, 1,902 pounds of food, toiletries, and school supplies, and 9,234 pounds of housewares. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped carry out this amazing event!

New VR training platform provides DPS with immersive and realistic training opportunities – Oregon State University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) recently added a new virtual reality training option for police and public safety officers. 

 The Apex Officer VR training platform provides a safe environment for officers to participate in countless immersive and realistic training scenarios. 

 “There are limitless training scenarios with the new VR training platform. We can practice de-escalation and crisis intervention training. We can also provide our officers with positive feedback as they work through scenarios,” said Shanon Anderson, associate vice president for public safety and chief of police. 

The new VR training setup includes two headsets, which allows for multiple officers to train at the same time in a safe environment. 


DPS supports Orange Media Network’s fall training camp - Oregon State University’s Department of Public Safety

met with a large group of student reporters and photographers with Orange Media Network in early September 2022.  The visit was organized as part of the weeklong fall training camp for OSU’s student media program. 

OMN students had opportunities to meet with Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police Shanon Anderson and Administrative Lieutenant Jim Yon. 

During the training session, students asked interview-style questions about police and public safety officers, department operations and chatted about the new radar speed trailer that DPS uses for traffic monitoring efforts on OSU’s Corvallis campus. The students were working together to tell the story of the new speed trailer. 

Lt. Yon encouraged the student journalists to reach out and talk with DPS when they see each other on campus. Chief Anderson added, “My priority is education first and letting the community know what we do.” 

OMN students had opportunities to put their reporting and photography skills to use during the training session by asking relevant questions. 

On Monday, Oct. 10, the Department of Public Safety team celebrated a colleague’s birthday. OSU’s wellness dog,

Cedar, recently turned two years old and hosted a drop-in reception with refreshments and photo opportunities. The entire OSU community was invited to attend. People were encouraged to bring an item to donate to a pet food drive benefitting local animal shelters. Cedar dressed up for his special day in a party hat and bandana.

The room was full of visitors for two hours, including faculty, staff, and many students who were missing their own dogs left back home. Cedar had two canine visitors as well – Blossom, training to be a wellness dog for the Beaverton Police Department, and Tokyo, a diabetes dog for a student living on campus. Cedar was very excited to meet everyone and remained engaged the entire time. Of course, he got lots of birthday treats, but Cedar does a good job of staying on his special diet. 

People were generous with their donations, filling a 32-gallon container with pet food, training rewards, toys and supplies for dogs and cats. Cedar, along with Chief Anderson and Sgt. Johnson, will deliver donated items to two local animal shelters in the coming days.

Since his birthday, Cedar’s calendar has really filled up. He has been requested to attend events across campus, including:

  • OSU Extension statewide annual conference
  • College of Education classes on the subject of trauma-informed care in education
  • INTO’s International Student Orientation for winter term
  • Admissions office semi-monthly staff meeting
  • Mental health awareness classes
  • Winter Career fairs for the Career Development Center
  • Special Olympics events including the Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Recruitment team now includes Talent Acquisition specialist – In November, the Human Resources Recruitment team welcomed new Talent Acquisition Coordinator Claudia Hamilton, who will lead a team dedicated to assisting OSU’s hiring units and HR Strategic Partners in attracting top talent to OSU. As part of those efforts, OSU has contracted with SeekOut (current), and LinkedIn (January 2023) to engage hard-to-find and diverse talent. These tools will allow access recruiters to access underutilized talent pools and identify the demographic areas where these candidates can be found for more targeted outreach. In addition, starting January 2023, all external competitive searches will be posted to LinkedIn for higher visibility along with the ability to sponsor some of the harder-to-fill positions. OSU’s contract with LinkedIn is part of a 6-month pilot program to assess its effectiveness.


Helping people navigate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program – UHR hosted two information sessions for employees this fall with experts from the Department of Education regarding Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). The Employment Services team processed over 400 PSLF forms for employees seeking loan forgiveness. One employee shared this note: “I just want to give a huge thanks for hosting the PSLF webinar over the summer – I have since submitted everything needed and have had $80,000 in student loans forgiven! The information provided was exactly what I needed to hear to clarify my next steps.”


Process improvements drive efficiencies – University HR teams are engaged in a range of process improvement projects that are regularly evaluated and implemented. In one example, HR Support Services delivered a very successful summer appointment process this year. Over 1,011 appointments were processed with a drastic reduction in manual checks and overpayments. Another project leverages the Managerial Competency Framework to create guidance and a new process for multi-rater performance reviews. This is the first of a suite of tools under development in FY23 focused on supervisor development and support, and is now being piloted with the Research Office.

Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) – Accounting teams are supporting the next renewal process for the Endurance Array. Under this five-year contract with total funding of $46.7 million, the OOI will continue operations and management of the Coastal Endurance Array.  The deployed Endurance Array consists of six coastal surface moorings, one profiler mooring, four coastal surface piercing profilers and six coastal gliders. In addition, CEOAS was awarded the OOI Data Center, with five-year funding of $16.4 million. Under this renewal, OOI will continue the management and operation of the OOI Data Center, which provides storage, computation, backup, disaster recovery, and cloud-like access to the overall OOI data store.


PacWave Oregon State University is partnering with the US Department of Energy, the State of Oregon and other stakeholders to build a wave energy test facility off the Oregon Coast. PacWave is affiliated with the Pacific Marine Energy Center, a consortium of universities focused on the responsible advancement of marine energy, including wave, tidal, riverine, and offshore wind resources. PacWave recently hit two major milestones, with the signing of the agreement the contractor for cable procurement and installation, and awarding the contract for the construction of the Utility Connection and Monitoring Facility.

In October, the university and the OSU Foundation launched a campaign to raise $1.75 billion to support OSU priority initiatives. The Capital Planning and Project Delivery teams’ largest project to date, the Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex (CIC) was announced at the campaign event. The CIC will be a transdisciplinary research and teaching center that will harness the power of a supercomputer and a cleanroom, underpinning research and education in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. Also during the campaign event, the name for the under-construction Arts and Education Complex was revealed: The Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts. The Center for the Creative Arts construction team celebrated a milestone this in October with a “topping-out” ceremony.

Work on the Owen Hall Remediation project wrapped up in fall 2022. The project was a response to flooding damage to Owen Hall, which occurred in June 2020. 

Owen Hall sustained water damage from a failed cooling water connection on a research apparatus. The flooding occurred on the fourth floor and damaged the three floors beneath, including a clean room, a computer lab, office space, the main IT room and two general purpose classrooms. 

In addition to addressing the water damage in the building, the project also included a fire alarm system update and improvements to the two general purpose classrooms. The classroom renovations, which were already scheduled for Summer 2022, included accessibility improvements associated with the sloped concrete floor, updating the pedagogy configuration and renewing the general condition of the spaces after 35 years of service. 

Owen Hall building occupants now have useable, accessible spaces that are flexible and responsive to current and future needs. 


Transit Plaza Remodel - As part of its Sustainable Transportation Strategy, OSU partnered with the City of Corvallis to upgrade the transit plaza at Kings Blvd. and Monroe Ave. in September. Existing shelters, benches and trashcans were removed and replaced with new shelters and amenities. The cost of the remodel was fully funded by Oregon’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF).The bus stops on Kings Blvd. and on Monroe Ave remained open during the remodel.


Streamlined way to buy parking passes for Corvallis Campus – Transportation Services enhanced the parking pass purchase process in September 2022 with the implementation of Bluefin, a the tool that provides payment and sensitive data security solutions. The upgrade streamlines the customer experience when purchasing OSU parking passes by allowing users to save their credit card information in a wallet, and seamlessly transitioning the user from AIMS Web (the parking pass servicer) to the Bluefin payment screen. Additionally, Transportation Services gains powerful tools for refunds and exchanges with the AIMS 9 software that allows for better support to the community over email, phone, and in-person interactions.

The Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Office is part of the Division of Finance and Administration. It oversees a portfolio of university-wide programs and projects, where each program is a set of interrelated projects that work together to advance the university's strategic priorities, in alignment with industry best practices. The EPPMO is managing a broad portfolio of projects across the university. Read on for status updates:



Business Processes & Systems Projects


DFA Framework for Success

DFA units continue to develop the DFA Framework for success. Units are interacting with team metric dashboards and working to implement them into daily activities, communications and meetings. This should promote conversations within the unit and with leaders to share progress and updates on unit-level key activities and metrics. Many units have been working on improvements, additions, and developing a regular cadence of updates to their data and dashboards. 

With the new fiscal year, the Framework for Success team started the transition phase of the project with Dr. Calvo-Amodio and his research team. This phase includes the period in which DFA employees transition from creation and implementation to making the Framework part of our culture and everyday lives. For the research team, the following activities and tools are in motion to support this transition:

  • Communication system to convey how DFA and the Framework for Success are progressing
  • Communication plan that addresses both short and long-term strategies
  • Governance system to include:
    • The design of an assessment methodology and tools to understand how the Framework for Success is performing and aligning to meet the needs of  the division and university
    • Ongoing maintenance program for the components of the framework and for changes and additions to unit-level dashboards
  • Documentation and research papers that cover the theoretical foundations the framework was based on and share lessons learned in the journey to build and implement the Framework for Success


Beaver Works

The Beaver Works Core Project Team presented the Executive Report on Beaver Works Progress to business operations senior leadership and the Beaver Works Executive Steering Committee in September and October respectively.  This work assessed the status of DFA projects and operational work to determine how the division has progressed in addressing the ten challenges identified in the Baker Tilly Business Operations Best Practices Review. A final Beaver Works report will be shared with DFA employees and other stakeholders before the end of the calendar year.

Read on for updates about projects within the business operations functional areas:

Non-Student Billing and Receivables Project – Over the past several months, the project team completed current-state journey mapping and engaged stakeholders to verify data collected. Now, the project team is focusing on future-state work (envisioning the ideal process), which includes identifying best practices, analyzing current state pain and gain points, and holding future-state journey mapping sessions. Several sessions were held with key stakeholders to align needs and capabilities, which will help the project design the future state of non-student billing and receivables.

Moving forward, the project team will facilitate more requirements-gathering sessions with various stakeholders as well as prioritize those requirements. Project priorities will be reviewed for strategic alignment with other university initiatives.

Business Analytics – The UFM Suite of tools currently in production is scheduled for a winter term release; a communication plan is under development.

The UFM Suite will provide a reliable, consistent set of data for university-wide and college-level reporting while also supporting analysis of underlying detail for improved decision-making. The set of suite information represents the essential data needed for forecasting; and to budget and manage spending, hiring, and enrollment. The selected reports within the suite are being made available as Tableau Dashboards for ease of use, with self-serve training resources provided.

The suite is currently comprised of three integrated modules which provide essential information for budgeting and decision analysis at the college level. The tools within the modules are under production for suite integration in 2022:

  • Integrated modules (tools):
    • Position Reporting
    • Budget Metrics
    • Enrollment Management
  • Essential information:
    • 5-year history baseline
    • Reliability of data
    • Key metrics tracking, comparison
    • Visualization (Tableau Dashboards)
    • Ease of use and access

UFM Phase 3 planning for the Budget Scenario Analysis (previously Bottoms-Up Forecasting) Tool is continuing in fall 2022, and is currently scoped around the following capabilities:

  • Provide a 2 – 3 year planning horizon
  • Create and compare multiple “what-if” scenarios
  • Enable improved decision-making


Smart Access Program 

The Smart Access Program supports several elements of the OSU IT Strategic Plan 2023 and OSU's Strategic Plan 4.0. The project enables OSU community members to live digitally vibrant lives, offering a foundational capability to provide OSU community members with secure and appropriate access to data and systems to secure OSU’s digital assets wherever they may be. The following are updates on the active projects under the Smart Access Program:

Identity Management System Project – The Identity System Project team concluded the sourcing process at the end of October, since last update, the project team have: 

  • Completed the final round proposal review and scoring 
  • Selected the platform solution vendor and implementation partner with the highest scores 
  • Completed contract negotiation, and the Statement of Work review with the implementation partner 
  • Executed the contract 

OSU’s implementation partner has mobilized following the contract signing and both teams are formally kicking off the project in early November. Then, the project team will conduct formal requirement analysis and mapping with a target completion date of early December. The project team will also work with the platform vendor on the new environment setup. 

The Identity Management System project is one of the Smart Access Program’s pillar projects. The project team has worked since late February with Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM) staff to develop a request-for-proposal process, with the goal of selecting a qualified vendor and a set of enabling technologies by the end of June 2022.  

Endpoint Management Project – The Endpoint Management team continues to advance its goal of securing all university-owned equipment (including laptop, desktop, server and mobile device). Since August, the Windows solution project team has continued MECM installation with the rest of the colleges. The project team developed specific strategies for these colleges and worked with the UTI Communication team on the communication package. The project team is also working with Microsoft to identity training opportunities for the IT community. 

Coming up next for Mac devices, the project team will work with JAMF to develop cloud migration strategies including resource, and timeline. The team is also working on proof of concept of a Linux-based solution, with some initial setup and testing on Linux boxes. If the solution proves to be effective, the project will development a deployment strategy for all university-owned Linux machines. 

Endpoint Management Project is another focus of the Smart Access Program focusing on the management and security of OSU owned equipment (laptops, desktops, phones) that access OSU data.  The project will enable IT professionals to secure and manage these devices, to ensure they are properly patched and updated regularly.  The project will also implement common tools across IT units at the University.   


Performance Management Pilot Project 

The Performance Management Pilot project team continues to advance the goal of piloting a redesigned performance management process and system for the OSU IT and Controller’s Unit, within the broader context of talent management at OSU that supports Strategic Plan 4.0 and the basis for the University Human Resources strategic plan. The Performance Management Pilot is live; employees continue to be added based on their evaluation cycle. 

The pilot celebrates the accomplishment of the first cohort of professional faculty to complete the performance management cycle, as of October. The performance period for professional faculty participating in the pilot has been adjusted to better align with OSU’s annual salary change timeline. The performance period for classified staff participating in the pilot has not changed and remains based on the employee’s merit increase month. 

Currently, the Performance Management Pilot project team is:

  • Developing additional navigation guides and FAQ’s;
  • Incorporating feedback received from pilot users;
  • Releasing a user experience and feedback survey;
  • Hosting monthly Drop-in Support sessions.

A resource library, FAQs, session recordings, and schedule for upcoming trainings for the pilot can be found on the Performance Management Pilot Website at


Managerial Competency Framework  

The EPPMO is providing project management services to the Managerial Competency Framework project (MCF). Executive Sponsors Rick Settersten and Heather Horn introduced MCF at the fifth annual Academic Leadership Summit held September 12, 2022. Provost Ed Feser shared his goal of elevating the practice of management and supervision at OSU to contribute to a thriving university and to tackle the challenges faced in higher education.  

OSU’s approach to talent management works to build a systematic approach that addresses the full employment life cycle to advance the mission of OSU by better attracting, developing and retaining talented academic faculty, professional faculty, staff, public safety personnel and graduate employees. MCF contributes to this approach with a focus on talent development. The MCF project is expected to conclude by the end academic year 2022-2023. 

Recent accomplishments and ongoing efforts include: 

  • Form MCF implementation team and MCF advisory committee; 
  • Identify peer universities who have developed similar programs and training; 
  • Identify ongoing and planned campus activities that would support MCF;
  • Review lessons learned from MCF pilot users and incorporate changes. 


Non-Credit Learning Management System (LMS) Project

The Non-Credit Learning Management System team has been working through current-state journey mapping. The team has engaged with various potential training providers for critical/mandatory and professional development training for employees and volunteers. Additionally, the team is working to better understand the needs, challenges and gains that learners across the university are experiencing to help provide a holistic picture of the current environment.

Once the team completes feedback sessions along with a current-state journey map, they will validate the information gathered with key stakeholders. The project team will then work through best practices identification as they envision the future state.


Enterprise Service Management Program – HR Service Delivery

The Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) project is the first and leading part of a long-term strategic university initiative that will modernize and improve the faculty, staff, and student experience of administrative processes. University Human Resources (UHR) and Payroll have partnered with University Information & Technology to offer the university community a new, easier, and more efficient HR experience starting in January 2023. Included in the upcoming HRSD rollout is:

  • Streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes for OSU employers and employees;
  • New self-service options, including a virtual agent/chatbot, a service catalog, and a central knowledgebase with answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Fewer manual processes and more consistent workflows, with helpful guidance at each step along the way;
  • UHR and Payroll employees who will be more available for consultation on more complex HR issues given fewer manual processes.

The project team continues to work diligently to prepare for the release. The team is focused on:

  • Scheduling and providing training opportunities for specific audiences within UHR & Payroll, department liaisons and supervisors, and campus employers & employees;
  • Developing and providing targeted communications to stakeholders and customers to prepare folks for the upcoming changes;
  • Finalizing the development and testing the platform with OSU’s implementation partner.


Academic and Student-related Projects


Access OSU

The Division of Extension and Engagement, Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Institutional Diversity are partnering on a project to increase family and student access to information about attending college. The project would also help prospective students develop early relationships with OSU and its student support services through programs designed to build trust among communities of color, specifically African American/Black, Native/Indigenous/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic/Latinx communities.

Recent accomplishments and ongoing efforts include:

  • Program director search has concluded successfully;
  • Internal partner informational sessions and focus groups have been completed;
  • A project roadmap for the next three years is in development;
  • The team is continuing to develop project information and communication plans in preparation for outreach and engagement with programs both internal and external to OSU;
  • New program website intended for external audiences has been launched.


Student Experience CRM

The university is committed to improving communication and engagement with its students. In early 2022, OSU initiated the Student Experience CRM project with a goal to provide students with a more seamless experience engaging with the programs, services, and people that support their education. Once implemented, the platform will support the university’s efforts to communicate and engage with current students in a coordinated and personalized manner and will support collaborations centered on student care and support across college and departments. EPPMO began providing project management services in August 2022 following initial selection of the platform and implementation partner.  EPPMO added business analyst services in October 2022. The team is wrapping up contract negotiations with the PCMM and updating the project charter. For additional information, please visit the project website


General Education Curriculum Implementation

On October 13, 2022, the Faculty Senate voted to approve the new General Education Curriculum proposed by the Baccalaureate Core Reform Committee. Among other things, this action updates a 30-year-old curriculum, reducing its size and improving its legibility for all students, introducing a new course category to support students’ transition to OSU, adding a sequence of touchpoints to incorporate career-readiness, and expanding instruction fostering understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. This curriculum both recognizes the value of aligning with the state’s Core Transfer Map—which facilitates seamless transfer among Oregon higher education institutions—and creating a distinctive and high-quality foundation for OSU’s degree offerings.

Recent accomplishments and ongoing efforts include:

  • Implementation timeline confirmed with anticipated launch date for new curriculum in Summer 2025;
  • Established Steering Committee and Core Team members and project structure;
  • Call for faculty to submit applications to use their unique expertise to develop learning outcomes, criteria, and rationale (LOCR);
  • Organization and planning of Core Team Committees in the project areas of LOCR, Policy and Process, Training and Course Development, Operations, and Organizational Change Management;
  • Development of General Education Implementation website to provide transparent updates and communication to stakeholders.


Common Course Numbering

In 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 233 requiring the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and community colleges and universities listed in ORS 352.002 to improve academic credit transfer and transfer pathways between Oregon’s public community colleges and universities. The bill directs the HECC to establish a 15-member Transfer Council with representation from Oregon’s public universities, community colleges, and from secondary education.

The EPPMO team provides the following support for the Common Course Numbering Project:

  • Provide project management tools, practices, and processes such as tracking project progress, development of project workplans, roadmaps and tracking/storing key project data and information;
  • Participate in statewide meetings to assist OSU leaders and experts in the tracking of notes, outcomes and required work items or follow up;
  • Identify and track project stakeholder details to inform updates, communication, and information dissemination;
  • Coordinate, convene and facilitate OSU project meetings as needed.


Research-related Projects



PacWave South is a state-of-the-art, pre-permitted, accredited, grid-connected, wave energy test facility. It is currently under development in partnership with the US Department of Energy, the State of Oregon, OSU and local stakeholders. The open-ocean test site will consist of four berths, which will occupy two square nautical miles of ocean with a 12-mile long cable route to shore. After nearly 10 years of working through the regulatory process, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued OSU a license to build and operate the PacWave South test facility in March 2021. Construction of PacWave South is currently underway.

The EPPMO team provides the following support for PacWave South: 

  • Project support and coordination with OSU leadership;
  • Support in evaluating potential business models and contracting support for clients when PacWave South becomes operational.


Elliott State Research Forest

In December 2018, Oregon’s State Land Board requested that OSU and the Oregon Department of State Lands explore the potential transformation of the Elliott State Research Forest (ESRF) into a state research forest managed by OSU and its College of Forestry. Led by Paul Odenthal, senior associate vice president for administration, this exploratory work has been ongoing since early 2019 and has included the engagement of advisory committees at the state and college level, along with input from a broad range of stakeholders.

The EPPMO team is working in alignment with College of Forestry, administrative leadership and experts to coordinate connections, collaboration and working groups that help move the project forward and meet the objectives and deliverable outlined in the ESRF Research Proposal, including: 

  • Assist in development, drafting, and feedback process for a term sheet that will inform an anticipated future contract between OSU and the ESRF Board;
  • Facilitate a risk assessment with supporting tracking documents and an executive brief;
  • Provide background and content research, convene experts, and develop documents that explore ownership models for the ESRF;
  • Make connections between the research team and university experts to support, inform and gather data on the financial assessment and viability model;
  • Educate, support, and provide project management tools, resources, and templates to the college project coordinator;
  • Participate in statewide meetings including advisory committee meetings to assist in the tracking, notes, and outcomes;
  • Plan and facilitate project team meetings.

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OSU hosting sustainability conference, March 6-8 –

The Sustainability Office is excited to announce that OSU will host the Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) this spring! WOHESC is a platform for inspiring change, facilitating action, and promoting collaboration around sustainability and social justice within the Cascadia region's higher education institutions. Sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities will empower participants to advance environmental and social justice performance. Register today! 

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View Capital Project Forums on the DFA Video Channel –  The DFA Video Channel (ONID login required) is the place to find recorded events like the community forums discussing capital projects planned and underway. On November 3, DFA hosted a capital project town hall webinar that covered important capital projects involving student housing, including the Upper Division Student and Graduate Student Housing Project. Recent investments in university housing improvements were discussed as well as an overview of planning for the future of student housing on the Corvallis campus.

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