June 5, 2024

DFA Colleagues,

I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful Willamette Valley spring as much as I have. With so many Division of Finance and Administration employees preparing for the end of the fiscal year and getting the beautiful Corvallis campus ready for commencement, it was great to see about 300 of you at the recent DFA Spring Awards meeting. There, President Murthy shared her inspiring vision about what we can achieve together when we dare to set ambitious goals, whether in the workplace or in our personal lives. And, we gave out eight awards that recognize DFA employees who have gone above and beyond expectations to achieve excellent outcomes—you can find more details in the news below. The division’s senior leaders and I recognize that these awards reflect only a small percentage of the amazing work being done across the DFA, so a big thank you goes to all of you.

I also want to thank you for being incredible colleagues during my ten years with Oregon State University, as I recently announced my retirement from OSU to spend more time with my family and pursue other interests. I will never forget the things that I’ve learned and the ways that I have grown as a person and a leader because of the learning culture of this place and the insights and relationships that many of you have shared with me. We will have a chance to say goodbye over the summer months as I transition oversight of the division to the incoming vice president (a national recruitment is now underway by the President’s Office). I’m deeply appreciative of my time with you at this amazing organization.

So, it’s exciting to be involved with the initial implementation of OSU’s Prosperity Widely Shared plan. After seeking feedback from university leaders about how the DFA can best support them in achieving PWS goals, DFA senior leaders and I identified three focus areas that our teams need to incorporate in fiscal year 2025:

  • Optimize stakeholder success while improving DFA systems and services
  • Embrace and implement change management practices for the division and OSU community
  • Better support colleges and units in their financial and workforce planning

These three areas of focus are enhancements to the DFA’s four main strategic priorities, which have not changed. The DFA Framework for Success Champions will be talking with unit teams over the summer about how these three areas of focus can be incorporated into our projects and performance metrics in FY25 and beyond. At the same time, the division’s DEIB Advancement Committee is continuing efforts to enhance DFA employees’ workplace experience by implementing recently-approved recommendations in FY25.

As we coordinate and collaborate across the university, the Division of Finance and Administration team must be bold, innovative and resourceful. I look forward to continuing the journey this summer with all of you.

Michael J. Green
Vice President for Finance & Administration / Chief Financial Officer

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